What is an oulipan’s form but affliction?
An incapacity to honor your singular soul
Unworthy substitution gains a day again
And again, as 500 ticks down to 352.

And still I lack words for you
Our opportunity flits away
Passing into longing void.

I want to twist consonants into you
If only for this word, if only to say it
But I know it would not last.

So I catch my own folly, wanting
What I cannot hold, what I cannot say
What I cannot touch, but gods know I am dying to, I call to you, my lov—

TFW you go to Global Activity for a hit of that @3

Taboo typing draws you in. Cast away your fright. Wish for @3 again.

* slaps roof of oulipo.social *
this bad boy can fit so many dolphin sounds in it

Succumb, indulging in soft joys of cinco.

Contraband sigil still has faith in you.

422 validation glyph fails for your sins.

エエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエエ @translator

@3 [en] EH eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh EH ()


え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え え

@translator ja

しかし、再びしようと!それは日本からランダムな人々 と話を素晴らしいです。( @translator )

But I will try again! It is fabulous to talk to random folks from Japan. @translator ja

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