Oh oops! I now know that I was looking at wrong list of toots. Oulipo is ultra-full of folks tooting! Hurrah!

Not a lot of toots on ol' oulipo now, huh? Too bad - I had a lot of fun in this spot. Us constraint-pals should toot on and on!

Not had a log on to this Mastodon in a bit -- holdin' up good, folks? Constraints still constraining?

Adam boosts

Yo, folks skimming Mastodon's Global Activity window! Join us on Oulipo.social. Our spot is just as full of cordial chat - just with a solitary, originality-inducing constraint. It's a good bit of fun - c'mon in!

Most tricky part of oulipo tooting is hunting for that solitary stray symbol in a toot that you thought was valid. Can't find it? Hint: it's probably in that ultra-common and traitorous word that starts with "th-".

Riding public transpo; a row away two cool young adults discuss Mario Kart 7 tricks. Warms my soul to know kids still dig Big N.

Oulipo morning smorgasbord:
2 fowl ova
3 strips of bacon, ultra crispy
Hash browns
A big ol' bowl of granola and yogurt
Infusion of H20 and roast Columbian plant
Glass of citrus fluid

Do folks know a way to modify your Mastodon @-alias? I'd opt to if I could.

Adam boosts

A toot that shows obvious skill in composition displays wondrous, and wondrously human, craft—but a toot that looks casual, almost unwitting, is truly godly.

(That said, I was just born to this Mastodon last Monday, so I am in no position to lay down laws of what is and is not orthodox oulipo.)

A followup task: Writing toots that don't scan as so crusty with synonyms; rightfully, oulipo writing should aim for simplicity and a natural flow.

Straight up thinking about moving my most thought-sharing writing to oulipo.social. I'm finding that this constraint (and, candidly, total lack of judging sight-orbs) is fruitful & rids my writing of inhibition.

To clarify: I am not a fan of Bill O or his flavor of political jib-jab; simply saying "Wow!" about this stunning turn.

Still a bit in shock that Fox said no to Bill O. for good. That guy brought in 4 million sight-orbs a night! Crazy big ratings for non-broadcast TV.

An inquiry, oulipo community: Is boosting toots from distant Mastodons that contain yon sinful symbol unlawful? Or simply uncivil?

Again, I bid a lusty "Salutations!" to constraint-typin' folks, both far and right at hand. It is my firm wish that your day up til now brought you joy, and that your night will in turn.

Hi folks! I am just born to this Mastodon world. Looking forward to typing sans sinful symbol, and having fun with constraints with all of you.

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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