No fifth in Corona
Nor COVID nor virus
No mark of dismay
To stab an iris

But lacking a symbol
Won't turn a thing good
So wash your hands
And stay in your hood

In this crowd of bots, us humans stand smug and lucid.
As bots toot and quip, us humans laugh and yip.
I think on what history tomorrow will say
About how humans act to bots today.

Got my doctor-book marks back. I
can dub moi "doctor" post-modifications!

My thought on writing PhD intro: no worry!
My thought as I am writing my PhD intro: oh god why

Just a quick shout out to all you participants - I can't wait to sit down in that 12th month and absorb all your words!

In truth, this soup of words shifts most wankily, so may I simply add that it's my vastly good honour to run into you, and you may call moi...Vowl.

My only solution is quid pro quo; a war, I hold this vow not in vain, for such worth and truth of such shall finally justify all vigilant and virtuous.

That said, this valorous visitation of a past fury stands living, and is oath-bound to vanquish all corrupt and poisonous rats, van guarding sin and vouchsafing that fatally vicious and voracious violation of volition.

Voila! In vision mild satirical craftsman, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by transitions of astrological control. This loon, no minor doodah of vanity, is a ghost of that "vox populi" now vacant, kaput!

Today, for a 2nd go, I bought this book. Crossing my digits that it actually turns up this go!

In a shroud of hats, Captain Ahab stands upon his jaunting car.

CamCoop boosts

i got two pals who do tap-dancing. It's amazing. How can foots go so fast!?

Today I turn 28. Playing Far Cry 5 and built a bot. Now for food with family. Good day.

With all this talk of -ology and such, probably, @whit_whal!

PhD book canto has I using 's philosophy. I'm finding a particular AI in a show from Richard K. Morgan's books a fantastic illustration.

As I am in Australia, my Oulipo posting is out of sync with you radical avoidists. Who knows, additional Oulipians from down South may join soon!

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