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find punanny massif during oulipo's sabbatical --> totally miss that it's oulipotic 😮

Anyway Punanny Massif is an amazing hungarian band, also playing gr9 oulipotic songs such as Partizán I, Partizán II and Utolsó Tánc.

would not complain if only i had a podcast btw

how tf can I do ordinary daily tasks without a podcast in my aural cavity??

translation just sorta... occurs. it's not as if I could do anything about it

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@Cogi put away that old rom app and swap in a romcom app

lmao okcupid you won't gain anything by dispatching that spam mail again. I won't click with anybody, I'm far too worn out 24/7 for antics of th' rom kind.

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@ojahnn OWNING THINGS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, capitalist scum! #punkipo

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You wouldn't nick a car. You wouldn't nick a handbag. You wouldn't whit a whal. PIRACY, IT'S A CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

Writing fanfiction is hard, but a bright lining to that dark cloud is that whilst Thomas, author of "Common Logic" wasn't born in 1720-ish, "Utopia" (by a distinct Thomas) was around for a long bit, so calling a guy "Utopian" isn't that far flung.

tonight's big mood: crying with happy hungarian rap playing as audio background, bc gay criminal sailors.

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🎵 ground control to major tom / ground control to major tom / swallow your nutrition pills and put your hard hat on / ground control to major tom / starting countdown, motors on / confirm ignition and may god's support go with you 🎵

should I b making chili or frying milk, flour and ovi in a pan?

You r nonbinary or not fully or always or at all a woman or man? You don't mind counting or statistics occurring with you? Fill this in:

curiously, four is a four lttr word, lttr is a four lttr word, and word is a four lttr word

watch my sorry ass choosing wrongly, losing a napping opportunity, going through spiritual turmoil &c &c (aka watching TV)

To try and talk to a girl or to watch a TV show, that is today's conundrum. (You know how this turns out, don't you...)

why am I so bad at stuff??

switching from oulipo to my mail account, staring at my log-in data cuz That just isn't right, not with That Sign in it

in follow-up to watching a Star Wars film last night, I'm now watching its cast talking with journalists, and thinking about writing fan fic, painting fan art...

Aaand it's night again. I aim'd for a night-day-rhythm in which I could sign out of work at fivish, not six, but no, had to swim AND hang out on okcupid today...