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Cogi @Cogi

why am I so bad at stuff??

switching from oulipo to my mail account, staring at my log-in data cuz That just isn't right, not with That Sign in it

@phooky amazing linguistic insights

#nospoiling in follow-up to watching a Star Wars film last night, I'm now watching its cast talking with journalists, and thinking about writing fan fic, painting fan art...

@ojahnn I don't doubt that! It just put a thought about what inspirational guy dril said about doing flags into my brain, is all.

@ojahnn Your hobby has you say odd things, my pal.

@ojahnn oulipo is a hotcot of anticollocations.

@ojahnn Aww you poor soul (and mainly you poor body...)

Aaand it's night again. I aim'd for a night-day-rhythm in which I could sign out of work at fivish, not six, but no, had to swim AND hang out on okcupid today...

@ojahnn I will, and also my story about a woman of my night visions, I think. Don't FOMO too hard, thanks to living in a city word slams r on continually and I'll want to do many.

r u in Munich tomorrow? Watch my physical form slam rhyming words @ bar stragula. #promolipo

updating to say that frying it brought it towards that imaginary pumpkinity

No pumpkin's actually tasting that way I'm imagining pumpkin tasting on any occasions I go "mmmm I want a pumpkin"

@phooky but by joining i might miss out on missing out

@ojahnn I think dark purpur or possibly crimson. But what kind of witch? A marshy and a gothy witch wouldn't buy similar colours...

@ojahnn took a train cityward and did finally catch a coupla pocky mons. And saw our touristy buildings at night, which was a first! Crowds not as obnoxious at night. 👍

I want to play "catch a small carry-around-monstrosity Go" but it's not working 🙄

@ojahnn Whaaaat 12 short months? My brain was just assuming that was ultra long ago... dawn of that clockstuff... but no. (congratulations, I should say.)