today in my nonbinary talking group a human who is also autistic saw that I'm autistic from how I talk and act and that human is glad that I am this way too

visibility: good shit occasionally

as thou art do not
with too much disdain;
sorrow words and words
of my pity-wanting pain.
If I might wit it
though not to to so
as sick
no but from know
for if I should, I should grow mad,
and in my might ill of
now this ill world is grown so bad
mad by mad
that I may not so nor thou
straight though thy proud go

Our which art in
thy kingdom
thy will
in as it is in
us this day our daily
and us our
as that against us
and us not into
but us from
for kingdom
and glory
for and

@blbr I wish you a happy noobhood, many days of survival, and joy in playing :D @ojahnn

find punanny massif during oulipo's sabbatical --> totally miss that it's oulipotic 😮

Anyway Punanny Massif is an amazing hungarian band, also playing gr9 oulipotic songs such as Partizán I, Partizán II and Utolsó Tánc.

would not complain if only i had a podcast btw

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how tf can I do ordinary daily tasks without a podcast in my aural cavity??

translation just sorta... occurs. it's not as if I could do anything about it

@ojahnn I concur totally, off trains is such a good locality to find u r in

Cogi boosts

@Cogi put away that old rom app and swap in a romcom app

lmao okcupid you won't gain anything by dispatching that spam mail again. I won't click with anybody, I'm far too worn out 24/7 for antics of th' rom kind.

Cogi boosts

@ojahnn OWNING THINGS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, capitalist scum! #punkipo

@ojahnn don't attack my favs in this way! Whitting a whal (or a shark, if that whal is mouldy) is valid if ur starving. And as for piracy... it's a job, you know.

Cogi boosts

You wouldn't nick a car. You wouldn't nick a handbag. You wouldn't whit a whal. PIRACY, IT'S A CRIMINAL ACTIVITY

@ranjit Oh my god I can't fathom how I didn't c that pun coming

Writing fanfiction is hard, but a bright lining to that dark cloud is that whilst Thomas, author of "Common Logic" wasn't born in 1720-ish, "Utopia" (by a distinct Thomas) was around for a long bit, so calling a guy "Utopian" isn't that far flung.

tonight's big mood: crying with happy hungarian rap playing as audio background, bc gay criminal sailors.

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