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switching from oulipo to my mail account, staring at my log-in data cuz That just isn't right, not with That Sign in it

in follow-up to watching a Star Wars film last night, I'm now watching its cast talking with journalists, and thinking about writing fan fic, painting fan art...

Aaand it's night again. I aim'd for a night-day-rhythm in which I could sign out of work at fivish, not six, but no, had to swim AND hang out on okcupid today...

r u in Munich tomorrow? Watch my physical form slam rhyming words @ bar stragula.

updating to say that frying it brought it towards that imaginary pumpkinity

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No pumpkin's actually tasting that way I'm imagining pumpkin tasting on any occasions I go "mmmm I want a pumpkin"

I want to play "catch a small carry-around-monstrosity Go" but it's not working 🙄

Cogi boosts


Cogi boosts
Cogi boosts

Woooohoooooo I got a job that is v much to my liking :D

Crimson and saffron and pink and colour of grass,
lilac and salmon and cobalt,
I can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow
join in and sing it and don't halt

Hark with your vision orbs,
hark with your vision orbs,
and sing all that you spy,
you can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow,
you can sing along if you try.

Lilac and salmon and cobalt,
crimson and saffron and pink and colour of grass,
You can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow,
put it on a proud flag
trailing which all of us will amass.

[staring at waiting mail and avoiding looking at what's in it] @ my past instantiation: fucking why did you apply to so many jobs in 1 go??? why did you think i could stay on top of incoming mails from job folks that spring from that?

had a short circuit at night and following that a day without cooking, lighting, computing tools and so on. Glad I had no work to do! Fixing it all took work obviously. But now it's all okay.

I'm savouring tricky bits of subtitling as brain training and not so hard bits as fun simplistic way of making bucks

Big up Corbyn! Big up Labour! Big up British socialism! Big up COALITION OF CHAOS!!

*runs around, flapping and clapping hands* subtitliiing imma do subtitling imma do work and folks will pay for it soon soon soon

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