Holy Thursday, Batman! On this glorious 25th of may, not only is it Lilac Day, hoopy froods also proclaim it Thwahila Day. Not a bad day for 'Orgullo Friki', I'd say!

Shwooop. Hoho. Do howl low growls, or top form won't show.

Do - oh joy - short cottonwood or cork grow off on yon spot? Who knows?

"Can you do Addition?" said Sultana Abyad. "What's two and two and two and two and two and two and two and two and two and two and two?"

"I don't know," said Alicia. "I lost count."

"Poor thing can't do Addition," said Rani Kala, cutting off Alicia. "Can you do Subtraction? Withdraw six from four."

"Six from four I can't, you know," Alicia said instantly, "but--"

"Nor Subtraction," said Sultana Abyad. "Can you do Division? Dividing a loaf by a sharp tool -- what's a solution to *that*?"

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Now what’s that you say?
Look how you got on?
You can say any thing?
My sway is a con?

Who’s Gadsby and Vowl?
Oh, stop with your guff.
I am starving, your king,
I am strong…and tough…

But now…I grow frail?
My form…it grows cold!
And I slump at your sting,
For I was too bold.

But know I still lurk
In words without thought.
To old glory I’ll cling,
My crown highly sought.

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“A Symbol of Hubris”

I work with no sound,
I work with such din.
From your lips do I spring
To outclass my kin.

I fill up your words
With prodigal fluff.
I sit high as a king
And you’d call my bluff?

You’d snub my import?
Say no to my mark?
You’ll not talk, you’ll not sing
Your world shall go dark!

You’ll find it’s too hard,
That plans will soon stall.
And your actions will bring
Damnation to all.


on this vacant mountain, not a soul in sight
only sounds of talking drifting by
into dark woods strays sun's final ray
turning shady moss aglow again


"I'll be watching closely as brands try to work out how to monetize this new audience "





A train of 16 burros, 14 with a full load of whisky and two packing flour, hit town a day ago. Why so much flour? IL1884

That's right, spring onion. And yolk. That's how pros roll. Topping up on spring onion you won't cop as much angus, but you gain a lot of onion. It's a bit pricy, I'll grant you. But it's so tasty. It's simply outstanding. But, if you ask for this you'll stick out, and if you visit again staff might spot you and add you to a list. So don't try pulling that shit on your first visit. Anyway, I think what I'm trying to say... is that you, @JWallis, should just stick with a daily discount bowl.

Anyways, I was finally about to start on my food, and this sad bastard two stools away asks for an "XL, with a lot of gravy" ...who in his right mind asks for lots of gravy nowadays, you moron? I want to ask him, "do you TRULY want to wolf it down with all that gravy?" I'd grill him on it for a goddamn hour if that's what it took. It's not just that you want to try saying "a lot of gravy"? Coming from an old Yoshinoya pro such as yours truly, this is what's hot right now: lots of spring onion.

All out for a bit of Yoshinoya, huh? Fucking fantastic. "Okay, Daddy's gonna ask for an XL!" God, it's pitiful. I'll hand you 150‎¥ to scram out of that damn chair. Yoshinoya should stay a brutal haunt. With an air of animosity and a guy across from your hard-won spot who would start a fight soon as look at ya. That cutthroat approach, that's what's amazing about this joint. Moms and kids should just stay away.

Anyhow, @JWallis, just mark my words, okay? It might not apply to this discussion so much, but think about it anyways. I paid a visit to Yoshinoya not long ago. That's right, you got it, Yoshinoya. So, this joint was brimming with riffraff and I couldn't find a chair. So I look around and spot a stupid placard announcing "150‎¥ OFF"! What in tarnation is this about? Don't swing by Yoshinoya for a 150‎¥ discount, you idiots. 1 sodding 50, for crying out loud... Oh look, a full family's shown up.

o my ass this round fairly amazing snowball forthwith constructs

'Twas brillig, and a slithy tova troop
Did gyrobat and gimbol in a bway.
All mimsy was that borogovoid group
And fomfort did all raths outgray.

An oulipian instantiation with taboo glyph B, but as soon as an off limits symbol is caught all of that B-film plays.

Bonus ghastly malapropism for @maxhallinan who was prompting application of such:

Colossus pail, holy grail

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Split your lungs with blood and clamor
As you spot cachalot
Bust your backs and crack your oars lads
If you wish that mutt caught

This ivory limb my motivation
Harpoons on hand to fight
Aim unfailing for his knurly brow
And hold him straight in your sight

Y-tail, holy grail!
Y-tail, holy grail!

P.S. Not complaining, just trying to start a snowball fight. :wink:

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