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Half_Cup_Baconfroots @Half_Cup_Baconfroots

Cold, sugary dairy sandwich on a hot day

that man has probably got a quoggy spot in him

@kit Million Dollar Taffy
Gran Taffino
That Outlaw Taffy Wails
uh... paint your taffy wagon

I will, without guilt, shill for writing gigs now as my company cut all us contractors. You hiring in Portland and want Oulipo-compliant manuals or docs? I'm just saying.

My morning as a Smiths song: How Soon is Nap

A Fistful of Taffy
For a Modicum of Additional Taffy
Good, Bad, and Taffy

lashings around it. “Um, um, um. Stop that

@kit Your honor, this jury finds in favor of that fly outfit

Proposal: a cynical grab for angry guys' cash that rips off a Richard Bachman book - just call it "Misandry."

Music today: Swamp by Talking Noggins
"What's that? Who's driving? [To what location?] Who knows?"

Political low blow Show additional

What I gotta do: work.
What I want to do: watch Nichijou again.

Q: What drinks hum as you approach or go away?

A: Good Libations