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Half_Cup_Baconfroots @Half_Cup_Baconfroots@oulipo.social

I wanna rock and roll all night / with a hiatus for naps

Pronunciation hint: nobody can stop you from saying "Bangor" and its location along with obligatory wub sounds, a la "Bangarang."

Watching a playthrough of a FromSoft product on Twitch. Garb for your avatar is, paraphrasing Ford, in any color you wish, as long as it's blood.

What if Captain Lou Albano's instruction to "swing your arms" was Mario's first nod to motion control

sunlit clouds
in our uniform folds

Happy Warwilf Day! It's your right to awoo today, and a cop can't nab you for it.

Carl Sagan said I'm "star stuff" as if that's so cool, but from katamari rolling, I know that I'm mostly trash

now and again
now and again
rolls along

Global activity looks populous now, and I'm all for that. I might count on that for motivation for composing as many as *two* toots a month

Dollar juggling is anxious-making: what to buy, what to put off. But I'm lucky I still got dollars for juggling.

that man has probably got a quoggy spot in him

I will, without guilt, shill for writing gigs now as my company cut all us contractors. You hiring in Portland and want Oulipo-compliant manuals or docs? I'm just saying.