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Half_Cup_Baconfroots @Half_Cup_Baconfroots

Do witchy folks do witchcraft at a particular nightly witching hour? Or, as Zord pilots do with morphin', can a witch call a start to dark arts hour as a situation calls for it?

What if: an old soda fountain drink, a la Brown Cow, but with java and soda?

Borrowing Doc Brown's car to go back and modify Buzz Aldrin's boots. Look for sasquatch footprints on that moon topsoil.

Proposal: a Mad Max rock musical put on by GWAR

I just found out that multiplicity is law jargon

a blind child
an inchworm
small talk

Watching through a window as a dog and its human kiss. Watch for my Hitchcock adaptation, Doggo Window, on, I dunno, abc family?

@osmium_antarctic_foul Would your buddy float away towards a tantalizing odor, as a hobo to a tart on a windowsill? A pizza joint might put food at your buddy's door and waft its aroma through a mail slot.

A comics canon in which Swamp Thing is a sailor man's cans of spinach

a good world
round and round…
but slowly, slowly

@kit did that girl Christmas Carol at you, "in my living days, I was forging chains such as this," and throw a dang old chain chomp at you?

A harpoon-toting hot dog aficionado hunts aquatic cows for hamburgris

@cm a short, squat bird with snowy, fuzzy tufts?

Our school's funding for this graduation was cut, so look forward to grabbing your diploma and shaking hands with a cardboard cutout of that Cocoon guy.

As I said to that guy who was burgling my hot tub, J'acuzz

Sandi Toksvig on QI said a most amusing Danish word for a railway timing chart. Danish Oulipians, how did you not inform us of "fartplan"?