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Half_Cup_Baconfroots @Half_Cup_Baconfroots

@mxsparks Good luck! BTW, this post's wording was so natural that I thought it was from global and not community activity.

@ranjit I'm pulling for you to nab this job as it's always a plus, imo, to accomplish that kind of goal and know you can do it. And you can opt out of it if you want, anyway, and that's ok too.

Global activity looks populous now, and I'm all for that. I might count on that for motivation for composing as many as *two* toots a month

@youzicha Now I'm curious to try this, though I am also wary of prions.

@sculpin So sorry that your cat is not with you. It's a hard thing to do and I want to support you by affirming that you did what was right. Wishing you hugs and hot cocoa and any small comforts you can think of.

Dollar juggling is anxious-making: what to buy, what to put off. But I'm lucky I still got dollars for juggling.

@ojahnn Camping without digital distractions is my go-to (also alcohol)

Cold, sugary dairy sandwich on a hot day

that man has probably got a quoggy spot in him

@kit Million Dollar Taffy
Gran Taffino
That Outlaw Taffy Wails
uh... paint your taffy wagon

I will, without guilt, shill for writing gigs now as my company cut all us contractors. You hiring in Portland and want Oulipo-compliant manuals or docs? I'm just saying.

My morning as a Smiths song: How Soon is Nap

A Fistful of Taffy
For a Modicum of Additional Taffy
Good, Bad, and Taffy

lashings around it. “Um, um, um. Stop that