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Half_Cup_Baconfroots @Half_Cup_Baconfroots

@kit god, topiary is just primo vocab. Mwah (sound of that Italian motion I'm culturally appropriating from mafia films (sorry, Italians, I know that's not cool))

A complication: work furnishings can't diminish sound of guffaws at jorts goofs. I gotta stop at just chuckling, knowing this situation will go out of control.

Back as watchman at a landmark craft hall. Lads ask, "Brah, can a flag fan ball that standard?" Pal, my watchman shaft can't tap that starry ass

#dralapa #drilipo

@ranjit How long from most not-old Old Glory toot: ☀ No cock crows ☀

#drolopo #drilipo

Pups got spirit
Yup it's so
Pups got spirit
Do you though?
Gooooo pups!

This umbilical citrus fruit-within-a-fruit is giving off that "is this actually a food" aura. I'm too picky.

@cm oulipo holidays with form limits!

Tiny shoots striving,
Poking up through wintry frost
Oulipo haiku
A day of imitation of that bard,
Amidst complaints that doing so is hard

@mattlatailor Now I'm thinking of oulipifying non-valid locations. Cornland, York Two, South Maryland, Jumbo Colorado

It's almost May, so I'm gonna blow through April's data by downloading podcasts all day. Probably My Bro, My Bro, and I.

If Twitch had an oulipo modality for mods to switch to, how would copypastas go?

burst into full blossom
this dog and i

Nothing to add today, but I harbor a suspicion that I'll grow rusty at this if I don't toot daily.

Oh, I know: citrus curd is fantastic. Gonna cook up that Gallic toast soon as a canvas for curd and sugar.

tiny words
a fly with no sound
soggy cat

Unsubscribing from all caps political donation asks is so gratifying

This malfunctioning industrial robot is an atrocious disciplinarian. Back away if it starts murmuring that anybody is "angling for a mangling."

Oulipian musical stylings:
bound jazz
carport rock

autumn night
autumn dusk
cooking pots

How did that old saying go?
-"It's obvious" is tantamount to "Fuck if I know."