from the phonetic/orthography vae, some grid interpolations of plausible(?) phonetically-related nonsense words

the idea being that words next to each other on the grid—up and down, left and right—sound similar to each other, and the model can generate a new word in between any two others.

there's still a ton of tweaking to be done on this but the main Poetic Vision of the project was "nonsense words in strange harmony stretching out as far as the eye can see" and I feel like I'm getting pretty close to that

for my oulipo friends, another thing I can do with this model: by zeroing out the possibility of certain letters during inference, I can automatically spell words phonetically without using particular letters. random examples:

emptier → imptiar
relies → rilis
checkers → chackirs
interpreter → inturpruttor
commenter → commnttor
ireene → irin
preference → proffrints
reiteration → ritiration
nineteen → ninitin
coherent → cohirant
breadbasket → brodbastach
repeal → rippill
groceries → grossiri's

trying to re-spell words without G (in these examples you can see how having some information about which phonemes are similar helps the model out)

gambling → banbblink
laggards → lakard's
pledging → pledjink
raging → rajink
sightseeing → citicine
ginseng → jinsen
gauges → bajiz
aggressors → acreasers
goings-ons → joinsins
signalling → cicdonalin
glowingly → klowinli
haggis → hakes
gigi → judjy
gutting → kuttin
gold-green → koldkrine
disengaged → disindajed
engineering → enjunerin

adding "nasal" to phoneme feature lists, then using the neural network to spell them out by sound (words randomly selected from cmudict):

constrains → connstnein's
aeronauticas → ennoneunticeness
differing → gninfing
blanford → bnanfneng
eyrich → enhench
lewanna → nunina
brougher → bronner
oedipal → ennemon
christ's → kneinchmeng
chamberlain → chamngement
pasted → manchnine
replacing → nimclaning
misinterpreted → minintentungen
ghidella → ginnengle
lacouture → nanchunger
portals → montnengle

also: replacing the "nasal" feature with "voiced" & "stop," thus fulfilling my childhood dream of computationally modeling when Bilbo has a cold in The Hobbit and says "Thag you very buch":

macintosh's → backedtashes
nylons → dilods
misconduct → biscodduct
unshaken → adshaked
masonry → bacedry
emphasizing → ebfosizing
meeting → beatig
contradiction → codtrodictide
mimis → beeby's
masculine → basculad
insensitive → idsedsitive
drinkwine → drigquide
negatron → degatrad
modernized → bodderdized

turning up the softmax temperature on character sampling turns model into a pretty plausible pulp sci-fi name generator

silhouettes → plypousequeess
scribbling → skridblitic
minilab → mynillabbueh
myriam → nmirio
chains → okean'sx
binghamton → binmoicinme
circumstances → surkumagstmens'
palmist → paammist
accelerator → acquejalercater
precocious → xpricoclus
minimize → minymize
illiterate → aietaludret
fevers → fivxd-hask
jump → vgumppe
bounded → fraxptnud
shortest → shourjtls''t


@aparrish I don't grasp this at all, but it's astounding! Sort of Douglas Adamsy in flavor I'd say. I'm into it.

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