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Dollar juggling is anxious-making: what to buy, what to put off. But I'm lucky I still got dollars for juggling.

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I will, without guilt, shill for writing gigs now as my company cut all us contractors. You hiring in Portland and want Oulipo-compliant manuals or docs? I'm just saying.

My morning as a Smiths song: How Soon is Nap

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Proposal: a cynical grab for angry guys' cash that rips off a Richard Bachman book - just call it "Misandry."

Music today: Swamp by Talking Noggins
"What's that? Who's driving? [To what location?] Who knows?"

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What I gotta do: work.
What I want to do: watch Nichijou again.

Q: What drinks hum as you approach or go away?

A: Good Libations

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I should start writing a song from Link's POV in an any% quickrun. Guy's gotta think a spirit of wisdom is guiding him, right up until his pony bonks or his bomb arrows blow him up and that spirit calls out to his dying form, "Nani??"

Mood: coping with politics by imagining irritating politicians' quotations as said by Wario.

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Why do artists draw Simpsons' hands with only four digits? It's for continuity, to match that Tracy Ullman short in which Bart is a yakuza boss.

A woodworking show in that traditional artisan mold, but it's all about stuff in Scandinavian flat packs.

Bubsy, as an IP, could and should transform into a Sonic parody through Poochification. Introducing Dark Bubsy, a gun-toting nihilist for whom nothing could possibly go right.

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