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"Country Roads" but you transform it rhythmically and tonally to match "Baby Shark"

David L. Roth, struggling oulipo-valid lyricist: "I'm hot for tutor?"

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A linguist's final manuscript is known as a schwan song

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Is it posting vaguishly if I just can't work out how to say stuff sans that glyph? That's a sign I should maintain my skills so as not to rust away, possibly.

Wishing for a bit of that silly Kong unity right now. It's all of us going through this absurd horrorshow. Solidarity works.

I should add, trans and nonbinary kids! So much support for nonbinary folks at this marathon, and I'm ultra-glad about that too!

I'm a proud trans woman today! And all days, but this fundraising marathon for UK trans kids is so affirming.

Kudos to Harris, a good boy who is raising funds for a UK trans kids charity by rounding up polygonal bananas (that's why DK64 is high-ranking on Twitch right now).

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All of us got around our star again. Go us!

Wanna go watch that film about folks who climb walls doing stuff as a group (fighting criminals?). I think it's Tarantula-Folk (But Not Black Widow, Who's Not On Brand For This): Into An Arachnid Cosmos

It's four days in, and that's [counts on hands] about two month's worth of socializing down, calculating by my usual standards.

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i only honor 1 holiday and that is taco day which is also today 🙏

Gosh it's fun to just dork around with a pal or two and just bask in mutual fun-loving hobby-sharing as you run your mouth about this thing or that thing that you found and just gotta gush about

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Warning: Until this band quits discharging blood and goo, I am gwarantining it

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