So, on buttons…

Is it a pun if a word's homonym has taboo symbols?

London book company Atlas, which has Oulipo publications, also did this Book of Masks of Gourmont's Symbolist biography.

God guard our monarch
A fascist pockmark
You know you a moron
An unblown H bomb

God guard our monarch
Who ain't a human, hark
Our outlook is dark
And Anglo-land's raving

Bad outlook
Bad outlook
Bad outlook for you

Funny TV shows:
• Parks and Uplifting Distraction
• Malcolm Halfway Through
• Always-Strong Kimmy Schmidt
• Curb Your Joyful Spirit
• How I Ran Into Your Mom
• BoJack Stallionman
• Family Nowadays
• Corpus of Big Bang Notions
• Carnal Affairs In That City
• That Work Location
• Growth Cut Short
• Prosit
• Chums
• Family Guy

I don't puff
I don't drink
I don't fuck
Minimally, I can fucking think

I can't catch up
Can't catch up
Can't catch up
Out of rhythm with this world

Now iOs application Amaroq has support for two-plus instatiations, so it is now not as much of a pain to post both on this and a location which allows taboo symbols.

An Oulipian instantiation limiting posts to 140 glyphs

my bot is joining us though posting manually for now: @quasihaiku

How do you discuss things past, as a common Anglo grammar suffix contains a taboo glyph?

It's fun writing with constraints. I think it sparks innovation. I draft pantoums, a lyric form which has laws of duplicating - a stanza borrows half its words from its last. (Mark II)

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