adaptational uniformity is hard and I still got stopgap solutions. Pangolins say hi anyway.

Fits and starts with porting mammalian cladistics to lipogramdom

cool, rainy day. Fun with: animals, compass-point and taxonomic worldbuilding, box-drawing chars

ongoing proctological humor: is Anglish diction in my country's computing not AN_US, digitally?

This glyph ₡ has as its naming "COLON SIGN"

@digitalthan hmm, it's tricky accommodating my own inclinations whilst navigating this spot.

Philosophical inquiry: is schwa lipogrammatic?

irony: too busy yak-shaving a lipogrammatic bash script for fifthglyph-annihilation to craft lipograms

third part (also calcium was lacking in part two; back on track, though)

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@rjl20 or is it just caching from my additional masto account? Hrm.

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@rjl20 (no GitHub account, sorry.) Nobody is "account-following" my account (I am but a tyro), but with a count of nil a fifth glyph crops up. I worry it also occurs with "following" but don't want to unfollow to find out.

Third Night Past Ninth; first act, fifth location

(apart) Wit, if 'tis thy will, grant much good fooling!
Wits, that think to hold thy favor, do oft
turn out fools; and I, that plainly lack thy favor, may
pass for smart: for "What says Quinapalus?
"A witty fool doth outdo a foolish wit." (Mark II)

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