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@mlc thanks! It isn't links, though. It's a cash tag and an thing. Lol

Cannot pay for housing or food. :/ but cannot post my donation info thanks to that fifth symbol. Damn.

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MMJ Show additional

@tully I gotcha now. Thanks lol. I try not to think too much on it (on a lot of things actually lol) but it is mighty difficult to do haha

Trying to work on that artistic part of my brain by using this account but I don't think it's working. I'm not actually that artistic.

@jamspank lol. I thought using that form was okay. I'm sorry. Fuck.

@mus @tripofmice bio works just didn't know if it was okay. Thank you!!

All night pain did not abandon my body. I cannot stand how much it hurts today.

@Larrybob this is an important thing. I am happy that this is a thing that I can do now!! Thank you for sharing!!

Is it okay to @ folks if that fifth symbol is within said folks' IDs? Trying to fully know how to do things on oulipo. It is difficult.

I am still filling my lungs with air.

@mus @tripofmice and it is okay that that fifth symbol is within, just as yours has it?

How do I put my nonoulipo accounts in my bio if that fifth symbol is within?

thanks to @therisingtithes for clarifying about—just shows that folk linguistic origins can wrongly find connotations haha