I was ~two months past up for a haircut at lockdown’s start.

I am again thinking about an installation allowing only pictographs, similar to that old bit from Tom Scott and Matt Gray.

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Can anybody point to this installation’s program modifications?

I do a daily mood log. 2019 was 💯, in this way, although that last month was trash. Try that bit again in January.

Octavia has hit a point of using my facial hair as a handy thing to grab.

All that said: my kid is totally out in my arms, and that might fix just about any ill.

Such a draining two fortnights. Burnt all my bouncing back, so minor things’ gravity is major. Work and hobby goofs hit too hard. And this coming month isn’t looking too up. :-/

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Not in a good spot, for a mood and such. My SO and I may just do this month again in January. Two birthdays and Christmas... sort of didn’t occur. Try again?

Dad got an additional thing to call him upon confirmation, as is common for Catholics. His was common with Batman’s footman. I hadn’t known that.

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Going through lots of old docs at my mom’s. Proof as folks born, marry, and pass. Things about my mom, dad, and I I’d not known about. Plus loads of nostalgia. It’s an odd, strong trip.

I know it isn’t valid, but it is as though Octavia will flirt with walking and talking by my trip’s conclusion. :-(

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I’m half-way through a fortnight trip to NJ, visiting my mom, who’s ill. A fortnight is too long away on my own... I miss my family. M’s so good about sharing photos and vids of Octavia, for which I’m thankful. Still: a fortnight for a 3-month-old is a lot.

This past run of days has had us giddy. M and I proclaim, with abounding joy, our child’s birth!

First and last things my S.O. and I will call our kid run afoul of local custom, but two within work. Octavia Luciana it’ll stay, locally.


I just thought: mods which allow oulipo could probably also allow that icon-only social spot from Tom Scott and Matt Gray to work again. I miss that spot.

Anthony boosts


I saw a guy using Mastodon at an airport today and didn’t say anything. What if it was an oulipo guy? Hi, DFW man!

@aparrish Now that I think about it, this looks similar to your sorts of inquiry. :-)

(cc: @aparrish)

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Hungry + angry = hangry

Hungry + sad = ???

@ojahnn I don't know your spot, but with all your climbing posts, you may want to know about a touring film party I got to watch a bit ago, if it swings by you.


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