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Oulipian Star Wars
Part I – Much Ado About Jar Jar
Part II – Two To Jango
Part III – Sith Hits Fan
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Rascal 1: A Star Wars Story
Part IV – Star Wars: A Star Wars Story
Part V – Plot Twist
Part VI – Furballs 1, AT-AT 0
Part VII – It's Back, It's All Back
Part VIII – Viva Canto Bight
Part IX – Skyfolk Go Upward

With today’s info about a muskrat swallowing a bird, my non-oulipo TL got mad busy. Might try hanging out on this option with priority, as a stimulus control trick.

For Twosday, my two-annum-old calls out up at 2:22 (but thankfully did pass back out in about 22 min), and crafts two tutus (from a rad kit from our local library which kid split in half).



I thought a local diplomat from was on. Is it so? That SSL bit has run out of hours.

@pixouls Also, it’s y’know, difficult, which can slow down social posting in a way that has good impact.

Our dark mirror is :-)

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@pixouls Howdy from oulipo world! No 5th glyph! It’s a fun brain workout.

Friday nights, my S.O. is usually working, so it’s try-unfamiliar-cooking night for Octavia Luciana and I. This 🥚 got a slight surplus cooking, but all in all this was tasty. “Kid’s food is just our food“ still shows as a good call.

As of about an hour ago, I'm chair of a non-oulipian political party (🐴-ish) in Columbia County. 😳🎉😱

As it’s a million °F, our spot has a pair of floor fans on. I just thought to show Octavia Luciana, my ~22mo, how if you talk into it, it sounds fun.

I didn’t think that through so good. Lots of “Aaaaaaa!” now.

Cook 🍳&🧀 🥪s for lunch for Octavia Luciana and I. Put lots of 🌶 liquid on my 🥪 . Put a drop on O.L.’s to try. Now O.L. just wants that jar to drink, not that 🥪. Add additional 🌶 liquid to O.L.’s 🥪, now it’s okay to nosh.

❤️ this kid.

A pal brought us food pi for pi day! 💯

Kid is insisting on additional tofu in spicy 🥜 coating I did for lunch, so I would say our last 555 days got parts right, at a minimum.

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To mark this occasion: Octavia Luciana as Toddling Mutant¹ Ninja Turtl.

¹ : Mutant status lacks confirmation, but dad is and mom has high probability.

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Octavia Luciana is 555 days old today. 🎉

@ojahnn On birdworld, an account I follow did a boost on a post and I thought “oh, this folk sounds smart and worth a scan” and as I scan that account and bio I saw that account was yours and I thought “oh, right, no shock.”

All in this family still sans-virus, 3 scary contacts and 4 swabs down, so I know I’m lucky and don’t want to complain. But I do miss having a shot to work on my own stuff.

Which, again, is... similar for millions of folks. Still.

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