Friday nights, my S.O. is usually working, so it’s try-unfamiliar-cooking night for Octavia Luciana and I. This 🥚 got a slight surplus cooking, but all in all this was tasty. “Kid’s food is just our food“ still shows as a good call.

As of about an hour ago, I'm chair of a non-oulipian political party (🐴-ish) in Columbia County. 😳🎉😱

As it’s a million °F, our spot has a pair of floor fans on. I just thought to show Octavia Luciana, my ~22mo, how if you talk into it, it sounds fun.

I didn’t think that through so good. Lots of “Aaaaaaa!” now.

Cook 🍳&🧀 🥪s for lunch for Octavia Luciana and I. Put lots of 🌶 liquid on my 🥪 . Put a drop on O.L.’s to try. Now O.L. just wants that jar to drink, not that 🥪. Add additional 🌶 liquid to O.L.’s 🥪, now it’s okay to nosh.

❤️ this kid.

A pal brought us food pi for pi day! 💯

Kid is insisting on additional tofu in spicy 🥜 coating I did for lunch, so I would say our last 555 days got parts right, at a minimum.

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To mark this occasion: Octavia Luciana as Toddling Mutant¹ Ninja Turtl.

¹ : Mutant status lacks confirmation, but dad is and mom has high probability.

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Octavia Luciana is 555 days old today. 🎉

@ojahnn On birdworld, an account I follow did a boost on a post and I thought “oh, this folk sounds smart and worth a scan” and as I scan that account and bio I saw that account was yours and I thought “oh, right, no shock.”

All in this family still sans-virus, 3 scary contacts and 4 swabs down, so I know I’m lucky and don’t want to complain. But I do miss having a shot to work on my own stuff.

Which, again, is... similar for millions of folks. Still.

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Octavia Luciana is back out of group daysitting, as covid is rising again, so I’m mostly watching that kid (and not working much), and talking most of all days. Which is causing a scratchy throat, which can also hint at a that junk which kicks all this off... 🙄

Ongoing stability (roughly) of our world and a turn away from fascism is worth an surplus glyph.

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*Only* thing bad about how our voting is going: our top guy will not comply with oulipian standards in two months.

I’m good trading that in.

Octavia Luciana had a COVID swab. Got only good things back, but lord I’d not had that sort of anxious stomach pit for a doctor’s lab prior to that.

Would oulipian CompSci just avoid 0x-ish digits? Octal only? Or is this our justification for radix 12?

Octavia Luciana’s ruling: Cholula > Sriracha > Tabasco.

Octavia will now show disapproval for 🍳 from mom’s dish but strong approval from my own.

Octavia’s mom omits Cholula. 🌶😍

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