This past run of days has had us giddy. M and I proclaim, with abounding joy, our child’s birth!

First and last things my S.O. and I will call our kid run afoul of local custom, but two within work. Octavia Luciana it’ll stay, locally.

I just thought: mods which allow oulipo could probably also allow that icon-only social spot from Tom Scott and Matt Gray to work again. I miss that spot.

Anthony boosts


I saw a guy using Mastodon at an airport today and didn’t say anything. What if it was an oulipo guy? Hi, DFW man!

@aparrish Now that I think about it, this looks similar to your sorts of inquiry. :-)

(cc: @aparrish)

Hungry + angry = hangry

Hungry + sad = ???

@ojahnn I don't know your spot, but with all your climbing posts, you may want to know about a touring film party I got to watch a bit ago, if it swings by you.

A fruit company could push additional folks our way! 😂

(Sorry about that 2nd word in that @.)

All of us got around our star again. Go us!

I put a bunch of words out. It was fun, but it has too many of a particular glyph (that is, >0). I am thinking about doing an oulipo-compliant draft, but it is longish. Thoughts?

(Sorry for that glyph in that URL.)

My dog has had a rough 12 months or so. Today I had to pry him out of a pit bull’s jaws. Pup is soundly snoozing now. Nasty cut in my non-dominant hand. Poor pup.

@rjl20 Do you put local algorithm mods in a spot folks can download? I am thinking about trying out this constraint, but for mastodon, and your work is good prior art:

Saw music last night in a local club normally for comics. First act had us crying. Not how I thought that would go, at a DATSandwich show. If you can go to that lady’s show, you should.

I think folks would find that a difficult validation on input, in comparison.

How about that “N most common words” thing?

I was going to contrast this to that idiomatic writing without any form of a “am/is” action word or copula in it, but I cannot signify it with local constraints. (Mark II) is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0