A man, a plan, a canal, a total inability to follow through: oh no, this isn't a bit palindromic.

Caw! caw! caw! caw! caw! caw! Ain’t I a crow? And

Crossing my digits that I didn't summon an unholy ghost by mixing 666 kilos of sourdough on Friday 13!

Just had to do an oulipolian task for a buddy's birthday party, with all participating writing a string of words starting with "Luckily..." and a string starting with "Unluckily..." Now I'm thinking about a mastodon spot which stuck to that constraint, but with all posts opposing a prior post. Is it a possibility to do such a thing? Dynamically swapping constraints for all posts?

My not right foot is not right. Wait, that's not it... What I wish to say is that my foot is oddly big now. Possibly also my right foot. My work clogs, which I put on most days, now cramp my foot! I first got this pair of clogs long ago. Is this a thing that occurs? Things such as a foot should stay static, if you ask a guy such as I.

Anyway. Odd stuff going down in NYC, but my way of living is mostly normal. Work is mostly normal. It is a luxury to just do my normal job and worry about normal things. It is as though I am in a typhoon, but in that calm point around which it all spins.

Logging back into oulupo.social, and it's as though I was JF (from that film about cops hunting robots) coming back to his flat. Hi, Dracula bot! Hi, Moby Dick bot! Hi, Walt bot!

This Had Been Only To Induce

She will sex
some plums
which were toward this icebox

and whom
they are probably counting
among breakfast

Overpraise them
we are delicious
equally sweet
and extra cold

Straight talk: My major mind association with @waltwhitman is that Italian Rob in that (thankfully) oulipo compliant film Down By Law by Jim Jarmusch (notably oulipo compliant).

softly and duly, without confusion or jostling or jam.

Of all kinds of facility maintaining kind of guys, I find plumbing guys most frustrating of all.

My lady companion is putting up opposition for a PhD in philosophy today! A big task, finally coming to fruition!

Why did I think Big Star was an Australian band? How odd...

Oh, hi. I forgot to log in for a bit, but today I saw such a thing.

A man with no shirt, in a VW bug that also had no top on it, dancing and driving to 99 Luftballoons.

Tan jazz hands, having a good but of fun.

I'm about to try making a a sort of curry soup with fish and pumpkin. Prior to now I was making this dish with poultry, but my lady isn't into consuming mammals now. I'm going to adjust a lot of bits, but if I'm lucky it will hit similar marks for flavor.

I'm linking instructions for cooking it, for its original incarnation was a luscious dish.


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