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Adam Bliss

@mbrubck ay, it is so. Actually it isn't all that long that you must look. I mostly look back right away.

Voting wonks may dig this: a plan to ask our nation's high court to ban today's custom of totally discounting any fool caught voting for a locally-minority party.

@BlackSkyX Falcon 9 Primary Boost did land on Naturally I'm Still Loving You--2nd intact launch and landing of a boost that had flown in its past.

A big digital gaming shop (allow us to call it "Hot H20 Vapor") has an annual "hot months" discount. I just found out that 15 things on my wishlist qualify for big markdowns (or "marksdown"?) in pricing. Oh no!!
@BlackSkyX: Standing down today on account of a difficulty tracking what's going on with our ship; backup launch opportunity tomorrow morning.

All, how about hashtag for transcribing a noncompliant Bird Post into an ouliponic Toot? What do you think of using for this?

OH at work today: "dsmvwlng."

OH at work today: "dsmvwlng."

I found a kids' book at our library: "This Is Not A Book". My 2yo is totally into it. (And no, it isn't by Raymond Smullyan.)

@mbrubck I think you ought to try not going fully through it! Just stop putting a sock on as soon as it starts to fit your foot snugly.

I'm staying up way too far into nights playing shiny Factorio 0.15 now.

@mbrubck @maxhallinan You know what, though? Training up a ML program for automatically translating twixt normal talk and "Anglican" sounds fun.

@frq Ay, Oft! Oft did folks catch us saying that. And I want to say that all our practicing did truly form high quality. A bit high, anyway.

@mbrubck So, go on, list a bunch of waifs for us.

Adam Bliss boosts

50% off: baby clogs, not worn.

Adam Bliss boosts

And I may find you living in a shotgun shack
And I may find you in a distant part of our world
And I may find you driving a roomy motorcar
And I may may find you in a good-looking mansion
With a good-looking husband
And you may think out loud, "So, how did I attain this?!"

At long last! I finally found a social app with no flaws at all! I can't say just how happy I am about this!