Had a good walk outdoors, soaking in sunrays and wolfing down yummy burgs at a picnic spot in front of my local grill.

I look at you all know my gal is out flirting
Whilst my guitar softly sobs
I look at my floor and I know that it's dirty
Still my guitar softly sobs
I don't know how nobody told you how to unfold your frown
I don't know how that guy would hold you
Who bought and sold you
I look at our world and I know that it's turning
With a wrong fact said I act surly and burning
I don't know how you go a wrong way
That was a long stay too
I don't know how you quit your charming
Nothing alarming you

A band that plays songs by various bands, but without our missing glyph: what do you think? I would call it "Void Band" (from that famous oulipo book).

"Starship" 2/2
Gaia's touch, hold firmly onto us
Catch my thinking upward from this day
Drop as much as only you can show
Though you saw it, you won't say a word
What I don't know, I won't find unfair

Singular is a thing that I concur you grant or put away within you
All I know is a show that you would think about my facts laid out all for you
Grok what I say in unusual ways as a fool would say that this is all confusion
As I know that my mind can grow, I can also show if you and you may follow

"Starship Captain" (translation of a classic song by "Yup" affirmation band): (1/2)

Indigo bird flying high upward
Flap your wings forward to our sun
Obscuring origins of us on your way
Though you know it, you won't say a word
What you don't know, I will find absurd

Starship captain, go sailing on by
Catch my soul, catch this dark night
Obscuring right now from my prying sight
Though you saw it, say not to a soul
What you can't find, will not pay its toll

Oulipo: Winning Ways For Your Linguistic Plays (apology to Conway, Guy, and third author)

My fantasy is to star in a show known as "Captain Doctor". Its protagonist would stand out as a strong, swarthy pilot aboard a starship roaming a dramatic galaxy. With his study of and foundational doctoral writings on math, computation, physics, biology, and various additional things, our captain's thoughts and cognition would know no bounds. O captain, my captain!

Until 1995 or so, this world-spanning graph of rapidly moving information, which was an ARPA offspring, was full of savvy folks communicating about random things. Oulipo brings back this long lost community of brainy quirky oddballs.

In honor of spring, Abby Road song: "Sun's Arrival" by G. Harrison and his Bug Band:

I wait for sun, and I say
It's all right.

Tiny darling, it was a long cold nasty four months.
Tiny darling, I thought that spring would skip right by
Arriving sun!
Arriving sun, and I say
It's all right.

Tiny darling, our mouths turn happy all around us.
Tiny darling, I know that spring is on its way.
Arriving sun!
Arriving sun, and I say
It's all right.
(Moog synth)
Sun, sun, sun, fought and won.

Artificial brains (graphs with arc bias and activation functions) training on our toots could find ways to portray information without our infamous omission. I submit that this is worthy of an NSF grant!

I just saw that my avatar animation isn't displaying within oulipo's scrolling list of toots. I'm not too angry about that, it was probably just a tiny bit annoying for folks. Sorry!

Induction in programming (function f calls f) allows algorithms to backtrack. Puzzling conundrums transform to straightforward solutions in comparison to pushing and popping manually on a stack.

Java works OK sans fifth glyph. You can work with for, if, int, long, char, String and arrays (no ability to ask for a count of things, though, kind of tricky), float, function calls , and class (but no class construction). Infamous "public static void main(String[] args)" start point will work. Calculation with also works. try/catch is OK but virtually no class to say with our constraint. Also, no subclassing of any sort - good or bad?

Pink Floyd, sort of: "For long you subsist and high you fly, but only if you go with flows. And atop a gigantic surf, rapidly racing toward your doom."

Last night upon a midnight darkly, during which I lay thinking, starkly,
Studying many a quaint and curious book against my floor --
I did nod off, almost napping... what was that? A kind of tapping,
As if softly rapping, rapping at my study's door.
"'Tis a visitor," I murmur, "tapping at my study's door -
Or so I think - that sound is poor."

our world is not a cold dying rock. blackbird and you only await this instant's arrival. it's always day 1.

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

Mastodon is a "FOSS" social sharing hub. A multi-host substitution for capitalistic platforms, it avoids risking a particular company monopolizing your communication. Pick a host that you trust — you can still talk with all hosts running Mastadon. Any individual can run a Mastodon instantiation and join in this social hub in a jiffy.