Sorry all, my world is now Animal Crossing. I was glad to know you.

*car taking font* You wouldn't boost an autopic

omg i gotta go back to work on monday. what in tarnation

saving daylight, you can say thank you with cash

toothposting on main, I dgaf who finds it. hi boss, I toothpost, what's it to you

clogging up this tl, similar to a sanitary napkin in a privy

browsing global and curious about this odd glyph i saw. what witchcraft is this

@mbrubck i'll do a soup, thanks. actually i'll do 2

burn bright, though you burn not so long


pain/anguish 🤝 shiny hair
human condition

I did pop pop corn in an Instant Pot pot. Not in an Instant Pot, just in a Pot's pot.

@youzicha 100 folks sharing a 3G uplink, what could go wrong?

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