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@phooky @joshly i think a LION KING is from tangling up a bunch of lion tails so it's a big ball of lions

Aspirational thought: if a micro PC (RPi) can't do it, it's not worth doing.

Gonna graph my world from top to bottom using rrdtool. What could go wrong?

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@annika i can't stop now, this isn't my kingdom of ithica. what's that? a hot witch? okay, i can stop. what's that? a hot witch is turning my companions into pigs? that's okay

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lord grant us a compulsion to do good, a will to say no, and brains to know which is right

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O wondrous land of snails, whals, and butts
I sing of thy two vast stony gams
I think of lying with thy flag, and sigh
Your plums, your hummus and your jams

Amazing what wondrous syllogisms and works of fiction this instantiation constructs from a library of just half of fifty symbols.

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Darius forgot to say in his big "how to social" blog that you gotta assign an illicit symbol to any community if you want it to grow funny af

Took my dog Ralph to a dog show and it lost for Most Long Taint to a pony. I will not stand for this.

"Bring us to a murky pond," it chants. "You won't." I gird my loins and lock my jaw, strapping it to my car's roof. Now 90' tall and 10 tons with load, my Ford Focus drags its ribs across road, gravity and duty bound.

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