Toot with a pin

lift up that asphalt and—look, what's this? that sandy coast!

Toot with a pin

judith light had history's most foofy bangs. that is all, good day oulipians

motorist : car :: bicyclist : bicyclist's apparatus

start of that book 

At first, God brought forth sky and ground—ground which had no form, and was void. Soon, God's spirit was drifting on a dark-looking abyss. God said, "Lights!" and it was lit up. God saw that this light (call it "day")—was good, and split it from dark ("night"). Our first day: a morning following a dusk.

launching a chic bar? imo all @andsoon posts in which & occurs mid-word would work on your sign

what counts as a "no", you ask? all i can say is: I "no"s it as I looks at it

our constraint allows talk of nor satan's domain nor that cloudy arcadia. oulipo-socialists must inhabit only this instant, only this common and sublunary world

&: and, in and of its own intrinsic quality, and

plan: train cats to look studiously at rothkos, post pics on a blog

Guys Inhabit Mars, Girls Inhabit Our Morning Star, Oulipians Inhabit, I dunno, Nibiru?

All you had always had a thirst to know about Oulipo*

* But, owing to worry, you didn't ask

chomsky imitation 

statistically dubious strings comply syntactically

ohhhhh I follow now. oulipian constraints bring about kinds of difficulty similar to what you run into in translation. you gotta think about what words actually signify, what a word is actually doing. but you can do oulipian constraints monolingually

flat flourishing flashbacks flag flagrantly

of sigmund's 3 psychic apparati, only "id" conforms to our constraint. which says a lot about what occurs on this particular mastodon instantiation tbh

apropos of nothing: wow, this world truly has so many distinct kinds of human linguistic conduct

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