judith light had history's most foofy bangs. that is all, good day oulipians

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i'm having drinks with @ranjit and @v21 right now which i think is a good opportunity to post on this account again! hi all

i don't know why but it was important to find out today that h.d.'s sign is also my sign (virgo)

oh god it's still going on. I don't know anything, I am a just-born baby 😎

trying not to allow my just having found out about an important fascinating thing I hadn't known about until just now, a topic in all ways applying to what I'm working on, distract from my actual writing task 😤

this is my first go at writing a thing for an actual scholarly symposium/journal. what I want to say is straightforward but I'm always falling into distraction (what citation format is right for X? oooh, I should follow this chain of thought from a scholar I just found out about, I should look at that big social bird forum now, &c &c). plus fluid wordsmithy is just not among my natural gifts, sadly. I am struggling 😑

an oulipo.social variant that allows only words that don't contain any /i/ sounds

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still probably my fav song from that band though

I was going to oulipify that song about flown birds and wood from a particular scandinavian nation but, upon study concluding that this song is actually about a man committing arson owing to a woman's choosing not to put out, opt not to

howdy y'all how is it going on this wondrous thursday? I am advocating mastodon in a workshop right now.

whoops forgot to log into this mastodon for a bit. did all of you also stop logging on :(

i had to ask a librarian if as NYU faculty i can borrow books from our library. ("obviously!" you say, but not totally: adjuncts can't and i was just an adjunct for many moons) anyway this librarian said "yup!" and now i am on my way to borrow math and linguistics and writing books to add to my bibliography 😎 📚

just found out that "hiking with my cat" is a common sort of vlog upload, pardon as I vanish into a blissful land of granola kitty troops

So @aparrish is producing a word-building group activity box and I'm looking forward to its arrival! oulipo.link/FmgAdv To win, you must build words out of n-gram cards and try to snatch words from your opposition.

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