I was going to oulipify that song about flown birds and wood from a particular scandinavian nation but, upon study concluding that this song is actually about a man committing arson owing to a woman's choosing not to put out, opt not to

still probably my fav song from that band though

@aparrish I was just thinking on friday about how icky that captivating song is.

....I'll try imagining that our narrator is just using gal's hob and making it cozy, possibly arranging hot choc and marshmallows on sticks for that night post-work?

@aparrish possibly "Norsk Wood" is coding a hint: in Norway folks snack on smørbrød, which sounds similar to s'mor's, thus marshmallows on sticks.

@ranjit @aparrish that band has so much study of it, that you'd hardly think oulipo dot social would find until-now unknown truths about its lyrics, but…

@ranjit @aparrish i'm just going to stick with my backup analysis, which is that it's a ironic song about flat-pack furni: "GÜRL" is a four-part dining combo

@ranjit @aparrish that hour
you had a GURLI
or should I say
a GURLI had you

@aparrish dang yo i thought Bouncy Soul's last song was its solitary 'boys suck' track, but what you say sounds right -- harrumph!

@aparrish Whoah, didn't know that. Big fan of his songs but studying shows John was a total dick in so many ways :-( Possibly not so much towards his final days, tbf.

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