April's pain outstrips all months, raising
Lilacs out of infirm land, mixing
Longing and a thirst, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

(...four months pass, glossary books falling apart from corrosion...)

Shantih shantih shantih

banalipo, about doctor stuff 

banalipo, about doctor stuff 

@kit it's always odd, occasions in programming during which you must worry about arcana such as "duration"

allison, using macbook air from 2013: it is good that i do this, i am okay with a slow cpu

allison, waiting for just 1.5mins for a batch with, i dunno, 50 cpus to start on nyu's HPC: WHAT IS THIS I MUST APPLY BIG COMPUTATION NOW YOU DORKS

i had a daily habit of doing a tarot draw for many moons in a row and i don't know why i'm not still doing it and i'm sad about it. it's just a small ritual but still tough to find a spot for it in my day

odd that on this mastodon i can talk about what i taught but not about what i am now taught-ing

first day of class today! this is a familiar syllabus, though i'm doing it for non-grad pupils this spring (not my typical cohort). aaand as usual i forgot how fatiguing it is to talk and do vigorous instructor pointing and hand-waving and board-writing for 90mins straight. 😴🔜🛏

oulipo x situationism: most ambitious cross-pollination occasion in history

lift up that asphalt and—look, what's this? that sandy coast!

did you know 

@ranjit it's a variational auto-incoding thing, not GAN, but yup!

updating you on this: i could not put it down bc i am stubborn and my brain has but an individual track, but i do think i got this thing to work! only drawback is that i had lots of not-this-thing work to do on saturday and sunday and now i must play catch-up, whoops

worst mood: working on a thing for days but running into a stumbling block that stops you from making it do what you want it to do—knowing you gotta put it down, turn back to it in a bit with unspoilt thinking

@ranjit i did my BA on that campus, making this girl a calumna (womanly calumny)

@ranjit tourists on shattuck approach us, asking about location for that august institution. "Oh, Cal? Um, nigh!"

@ojahnn though usually words from this translation do follow inglish phonotactic constraints!

@ojahnn sorry not phonotactic constraints—i'm using an lstm for translation from orthography to 2d array of phonological distinctions (+bilabial, +nasal, ...), plus a 2nd lstm to go opposing way. i'm trying to put a variational autocoding that links lstm 1 and lstm 2 so i can pump out two words with similar sounds by sampling from two proximal points in a gaussian distribution (my "phonological constraint" = constraining random word making with an array summarizing phonological information)

my plan today was to work on an abstract for that Philosophizing Our WWW conf but mistakingly wound up with brow furrows, frowning at LSTM programs and tutorials (working on a way of computationally making odd random words with phonological constraints)

judith light had history's most foofy bangs. that is all, good day oulipians

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