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is any satisfaction on par with that of fastidiously writing a compilation of unit trials (for proving program functionality), and watching all trials in that compilation pass?

I say: no, no such satisfaction occurs in this world

daily tarot draw 

Dr. Not A Cat

From Russia, A Cat, Lovingly


How Lightningballs Sound To A Cat

You Only Occur Twofold, But A Cat Can Occur Thirty-Six Fourths-fold

A Cat On Liz's Spy Payroll

Cats (And Diamonds) Occur Always

Surviving, Allow A Cat To Stop

That Cat Has A Gold Gun

A Film About A Spy Who Thought I Was Truly Nifty (And My Cat)

That Cat Who Picks Up Moon Yard Compost

For Your Cat-Vision Only

Cats Do Not Say, "Not At All," At All


Foxtrots With Canids... And Cats... And Wow, What Animal Won't This Guy Disco With

last day of class! woo! (I must still do grading and crits for finals, but all actual instruction for spring—fini.)

watch as I lavish my now-unbound hours and days on my actual calling: writing with constraints!

daily tarot draw 

daily tarot draw 

btw, if you sign up for this mastodon and your statutory alias has that awful glyph, your obligation—by law—is to go to court and submit an alias-modification form. that's just how it is, sorry


April's pain outstrips all months, raising
Lilacs out of infirm land, mixing
Longing and a thirst, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

(...four months pass, glossary books falling apart from corrosion...)

Shantih shantih shantih

daily tarot draw 

judging by IDs, this instantiation has >25k posts... so I ask, at what point is our world's most major (willful) corpus of writing with this constraint?

thinking about vital parts of that post, a pro forma for stabs at that form. what's crucial?
- hint location (without giving away hinging noun)
- working at. without pay is optional, i think
- folks asking about flag fucking - a common want, implication that who wouldn't want to?
(this is start of twist, and i think quick pacing now is vital for humour)
- implying high ups, past asking about this - and a ban
- finally, and quick: a common want? i, too, wish to fuck it. i am as dirty as you.

coming up with a totally original rubric is an option, but it's also important to maintain untaught "graspability" for all, I think? tarot dorks, your insight is sought!

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