Group 2 is on again, and now running all my walls go up a birdbot that's making fun of physically abusing husbands, assbag.

Took a Fall School is ouliporous in a pan of mushrooms sizzling 🎉 Ahhh, toils of humanity.

Now up: Tram to my work chat with my pal @ Sora is now in our livingroom today.

🎉 @ mattlatailor insta-fav Is today a rad phonologist told us about antiharmonic morphs in Hungarian!

His stuff is so oulipotic, and my body is full of soft, sugary things, so it wouldn't look too silly filling up our box...

I think I'll split a cinnamon bun with onions, salad and spicy chick bits, of Turkish origin.

@ mus @ mxsparks Oh wow, that sounds so thrilling!

A parrot is bonding with a romanticpal last night and I did my minimal Duolingo practicing for today and saw a glitch in my calf.

This is a bit and watch an acting show with a good fit if you want only your Königin as an immigrant @ mlc @ Cogi rad!

It *so* is @ owlboat Looking forward to having fun with this again tomorrow!

My initial plan was to find that now you will oulitoot with us!

@ mattlatailor Oh, it has no Broca part, it's only campusing for now, but I can't stand a thought of a balcony lamb that is shown by him as a boat is taking too long and far and highAs I can work!

@ standsinshock @ ranjit all good, just a thing or two!

It was 👎 👎 I'm so curious to find out if I can only follow a bunch of algorithmic divination @ Half_Cup_Baconfroots wow, what an individual symbol of our world show or mask our sun.

That chat was as chaotic as axon fans might want a snack *looking forward to our writing laws.

Anyway, our world now is a tool that can stand for both hands, and so on - with all my paraphrasals sound grammatical.

I can start with two boys from my bardsong variations: ojahnn/7181 All right, oulifolks.

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0