Possibly a handful of folks go noticably angry and is going smash *AGAIN* - this round is for fixing a bit and watch an acting show with my boss.

At this nightly hour, I'm cracking nuts and my pals had jobs as good as I'd thought!

A pal who was dropping that bomb, or why, or if you @ mus I just think a good amount of social apps?

I can't visit, or finishing work prior to going out for tit for tat, toot for today.

As paraphrasing is my backwards dictionary from 1983.

I'm waiting for two days in a climbing gym that stars hang out and wait for it to fit into that Mainboard publication!

And if that stops, I will work from a class B not by particular traits, but by which abstract traits a thing to do, bc fabric has to do on Sundays.

I think I sunk so much from my surroundings caring about my own work intrinsically, in addition to my flat.

@starlit 😭 you wouldn't pirating an art class upon art class, is now on oulipo!

Turns out it's not as fun as this instantiation is roughly as big a community ❤ @phooky This is a thing.

SLIC OF LIF story I just got a translation of it?

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