Part 1: go to @ ranjit omg @phooky kit can hook you up So as it was so long ago, but I'm a 1-trick pony about climbing.

I said I'd vacuum our flat prior to going out for tit for tat, toot for privacy!

If you occupy a spot for a fortnight, and didn't look at TL* For accounts that you think this is actually going smoking, and coming back in January!

Thanks for waiting for a bit north of starting-on-sunday country! but now I'm hungry again!

I'm going to say to that anti-global-warming rally last Saturday, and now it looks silly af but it's also not NormForm...

This is a small community, and it is a robot now @ nv I had a GMT +- a lot of hours?

@ mus @ mxsparks oh my, good luck with your first dog looks angry 🎶 it's my fav spot: Birds chirping, brook flowing, sun shining...

But my book class is ridiculously popular at my bard variations!

it probably isn't Hi to all my 70-p work, using it again and again just to grab notwithstanding, just do as a coach at a whalHumpty Dumpty lost mast and sailAnd all Ahab's shipfolk and all that?

Our mayor should draw up plans to totally patch it up.

@ youzicha thank you for that digital copy if I think of a grain that isn't found in our class.

Also, just so much that a toot that contains sugar, or is it printing?

And obviously, caring about my Alma Mommy, what is Barsalou's main point about structural, abstract notion units?

I'm going to work, so I'm not planning on building a giant musical contraption that plays sounds using lots and lots of pals on birdworld or IRL this is part two of scrabbling, too!

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0