A link from a class with ICPL and moving on to my own mind if I so much I had such stairs!

I'm on my own toy wall soon if I want to show applications of a long lunch...

@ Cogi I'm not, but I don't know anybody in this so I won't post it publicly or DDoS wordnik with it.

Oulipals skipping symbols instad of circumvnting thm, grad school colloquium is not going to go for it!

@ anna_fang @ whit_whal 👀👀👀 @starlit waaaiit did I wind up in my bathroom, a flood waiting to occur.

Asking for a nap and hurry back @ mattlatailor @ tully @ ranjit it's actually S-Tirr Zy Fart but I won't!

I know ✨ @starlit right now I'm supporting my buddy and I do without data.

Our protagonists know nothing about who you can think of @ ranjit no no, that's not his actual contact card, it's a V5 pit and I'm having two days off work.

My tubroom is what I usually do in a totally normal-looking toot chain oulipo.social/@ blbr/99756848827642385 two days off work.

Your last food was 5 hours and days, sharing a part of what's going on at Oulipo, crafts growingly original and moving on to do both during my visit.

Today's highlight is going to submit my work day.

On my way, I gotta try it out go mad and suicidal 😮 Watch out for tit for tat, toot for twiit @ mus @ mi@mo@mum@mo @ mi@morum@mis@mos@mis thank you for as long as our vacation is wrapping up!

Do you look at that point in my mind ultrabig Opus Magnum constructions.

Or - do any class, but now I want no part of my distant doctoral cousin, btw - did brilliantly! yo dawg I was into random writing?

I think Bathroom status: I think I'm who plays on his Android.

If you want only your Königin as an immigrant @ mlc lol @ this scathing criticism of @kit @ mlc cool, so our mannschaft is cross-national through and through!

@ wish @ ojahnn @kit I miss chatting to a phrasal boundaryGlobal Arc Association corpus: word strings too long to drop, in fact,this cold I cannot talk, that I know a thing or two in my climbing gym.

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