oh no, I am without camp for now

@bcj did... did camp kick you out? is camp on a hiatus? what's up with camp

@ojahnn Darius is moving his fork to mastodon 3.0.0 and that is not without hiccups so Darius is doing a bunch of spot-fix kind of things

@bcj ah! I'm all out of sync with camp anyway, I don't know if anybody apart from Martin and I has a GMT +/- a bit location :(

@ojahnn I know of 5+ UK camp folk of varying amounts of activity (I think no folks in GMT+X but you).

Big timing diff is hard tho. Your morning-posting is a do snoozing sign for my location :(

@bcj @ojahnn I am happy I paid a visit to Oulipo just now, as I was curious what was going on with Camp!

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