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I don't know what I would do on a GBA though... hmmm

I was looking at GBA programming on saturday and sunday and it looks fun

this shark is thinking about programming

I should post on this again

"might i add that it is back paint and gold paint on a plain canvas"

I was gonna put on a skirt today but I must trim my limb hair >_<

bonjour i'm blackl
i did a audio thing
its 2048 bits
runs on linux

I miss this! I should post on this again!

blackl∅ boosts

you can jig if you want to
you can abandon all your pals
cuz your pals don't jig
and if yours don't jig
uh your pals ain't my pals

what is a français word for kink?

I'm working on a wiki thing about rings of sick flora in arctic canada

mild: tooting a lot
wild: """jorting up a storm"""

my ISP at work has 0ms ping!?

soft, sapphic, and squishy