My work’s lightning-proxy is out and many folks instantly start singing a particular Smash Mouth song in unison

Today’s NYT crossword is brutally non-compliant

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High school boys and girls parading in public halls, of and through, for tonight and for graduation tomorrow. I wish I could skip it but my son is a junior and wants to applaud his pals.

@ranjit way, you plainly saw that ship so way so miraculously into harbor in

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It is I you hold, and who holds you. I spring from it. I am grinning and laughing, too. How could I not?

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food, + 

Tonight I'm making a fully-compliant, fully-balcony-grown pizza --

* Paprika
* Zucchini
* Tomato
* Basil

Today in Asgard: I Thort I thaw a puddy tat

Vlad, a drac, fangs and all, slays. Can vlad walk as a bat? Lawman says vlad can.

An aquatic Jaws-animal, hungry for Quints and Brodys, a good night for it

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good day to you sir or madam,

i am doctor a. cula of romania's principal bank. i am also romanian royalty, holding a countship in transylvania. a roving militia band is moving against my family and i. my family must abandon romania but i lack funds for our visas. if you could assist us, i will pay you back 10 fold upon our arrival in london. if you can mail 5 cartons of dirt to my ally in moldova, in six months you will find a boat holding fifty cartons in london harbor. thank you

Today in 2005 (not a fact): a band from Michigan, Indigo Striations play a hit song Indigo Orchid, off a famous album "Stand In Back Of My Body, Satan".

*humming softly*

You got an action
You got an action didn't you?
You took an indigo orchid
You took an indigo orchid and turnt it indigo

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Jim and a giant fuzzy, juicy round fruit

-By roald dahl

For lunch: Indian-ish ragout, banana, h2o. Satisfying, but always in a mood to satisfy my naughty sugar tooth

i was and am still glad to find this group, thanks @makinganaccount ! (Mark II)

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