My work’s lightning-proxy is out and many folks instantly start singing a particular Smash Mouth song in unison

Today’s NYT crossword is brutally non-compliant

Bin boosts

High school boys and girls parading in public halls, of and through, for tonight and for graduation tomorrow. I wish I could skip it but my son is a junior and wants to applaud his pals.

@ranjit way, you plainly saw that ship so way so miraculously into harbor in

Bin boosts

It is I you hold, and who holds you. I spring from it. I am grinning and laughing, too. How could I not?

@ranjit @bcj a family of nocturnal cows burrow into my porch-roof and hiss as I go in and out of my door. At night, moon-cows raid for trash to bring into porch-burrow.

@bcj anything that is an animal and hangs out in gassy H2O is...a...bird?

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