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a popular song
spring rain
cicada song
a cloud

glad that quasihaiku's still doing its thing

hiya oulipals I was away but now I'm back

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a blackbird
a snail crawling
but slowly, slowly

Salmon onigiri at ashbox was good! Mayhaps I'll try this drink with yuzu and oil's acidic companion

do YOU know? why not post this information so I can know too?

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my vacation to nyc starts tomorrow and I don't know at what locations I can or should put a stop to my morning fasts

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nothing as fun as arguing about politics with your cousin on "f" "b", uh huh

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Committing to my mind principal forms of Attic action words: a boring, not to say difficult, activity.

"I'm hoping your gala is a ball", I just said to a pal. I think it's just a normal gala though.

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A funny typo to commit in writing food instructions is: milk ---> milt.

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