bnwlfsn boosts

a popular song
spring rain
cicada song
a cloud

glad that quasihaiku's still doing its thing

hiya oulipals I was away but now I'm back

@ojahnn "parsing a thing's a function from strings to lists of pairs of strings and things"

bnwlfsn boosts

a blackbird
a snail crawling
but slowly, slowly

@ranjit @phooky just right for pulling innards out of void crabs.

@phooky it has a point at its tip and a hollow spot at its anti-tip?

Salmon onigiri at ashbox was good! Mayhaps I'll try this drink with yuzu and oil's acidic companion

@mlc I was afraid of that sort of thing. *I'm* not a Wburg guy, I'm just going to *stay* in Wburg.

do YOU know? why not post this information so I can know too?

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my vacation to nyc starts tomorrow and I don't know at what locations I can or should put a stop to my morning fasts

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