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Not all will think as I do, I know, but I think it's only right, now, to own up to facts: gai lan is king of all cross-toting plants.

On looking again but still not thoroughly, that link I put up contains much worth studying and admiring.

A criticism, at this link, of G. Adair's translation of La Disparition, is worth taking a look at, oulipals! (Many nifty bits of writing accompany it, too.)

bnwlfsn boosts

I'm liking Bartkira so much I almost think I should look at normal Akira too.

I saw a book by our patron author G.P. at a shop to-day, lying bottommost in a stack of books not put out in browsing sight, in that spot at which you pay. I was buying an Italian book, fourth of four, but instantly I saw GP's I bought it, too! "Portrait of a Man Known as …"

In a distinct shop I almost bought 375 of carrot liquor, but as it was $87 I did not.

Mayhaps I put too much spicy root in my masala chai.

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a cicada chirrs
vanishing in rank grass
this snail

On two fridays a month my group at work all go to a room to talk about upcoming prioritization and things just brought to closing. And it's always boring and it's going on now

An Amaroq con, or flaw: it shows toots from accounts I follow, or from all accounts on any mastodon, but lacks a "community" tab, showing all and only local toots.

I do not know how to inform you who put down in writing what book I'm taking in nowadays—a lyrist and critic with strong SF and CA associations—but it's v good. Witty and stylish short prosy but not prosaic nonfiction works. (Hm: a body might pun his last nomination as "king angry".)

Dining tonight on almond pastry and viticultural alcohol. So salubrious!


Icy drops fill my long window
With barbaric glass,
A snail's slimy trail
Crossing it, to and fro.
Our mood
Tracing its shadow
An unknown origin.

O thin man of Haddam,
Why do you study twisty hagfish?
Do you not know how snails
Walk around
This woman?

I know lyric modulations
And lucid rhythms you can't avoid;
But I know, too,
That snails crawl up my skin
And it's icky.

If a snail crawls into salt,
It marks a limit.

I don't actually find this lyric good!

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for @quasihaiku and @ranjit

Among thirty snow mountains,
Nothing was moving
But a snail's stalk.

I was of four minds,
As in a trunk
On which crawl four snails.

A snail lay down a mucosal trail.
It was a small part of a show.

A man and a woman
Form a unit.
A man and a woman and a snail
Form a unit.

I do not know which to favor,
Charming morphology
Or charming connotations,
A slug
Or a snail.

Ugh that is to say, I LAID my noggin 'pon my pillow.

I lay my noggin 'pon my pillow and as I did so I thought fondly: "now shall I drift off to Nod's kingdom!" My twin orbs shut gladly I was happy in my anticipation of dozing.

But it's SO HOT in my dang apt!

ugh my sightballs, so itchy and angry, crying so much, pollinosis I h8 u

Any oulipo folks in or around SF going to go to D. Park to picnic on Actual Labor Day? I am!

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