bonf boosts

making a batch of natural soda, or as my pal says, microorganisms’ fart soup.

bonf boosts

Go to a workshop that has to do with a soy-and-corn-and-tomato mix.

bonf boosts
bonf boosts

that gap spanning from spring to autumn? it's

🌞 four 4️⃣ months 📆 of 🌻 cord 🔌 jorts 🍰 and 🏄‍♀️ floral 🌸 shirts 🌞

rhyming = brain hacking

modify my opinion

my top wish is to randomly go through my spam mail on a rainy day and find important mail that was snugly waiting among piling trash

finally got that canal thing (ultra-slow.10, I told you)

now I can go back and catch up on oulipo dot social quality toots

it's soup night tonight. actual soup, thank you oulipo dot social.

not a good mail, alas, back to my drawing board

anxious mind, waiting for mail that is known to land soon

bonf: thinking and caring about CompLing and 2nd lingua acquisition

also bonf: doing 2 days of duolingo and saying 'this is boring'

i should work on finishing my todo lists so that i can switch to a good task, such as making a mastobot

Oh spring; aka plant kingdom launching a full blown attack against yours truly.

having fun with this linguist bashing on that famous writing manual:

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