burning my morning food as I think what to post on oulipo

stopping by to say ‘hi’. I’m hoping 2021 will allow an amount of words (by way of good things?) that tops 2020

I forgot about changing my pic for 12 months and now it’s on point again

got a brownstuff smashing apparatus. now i can pour a good cup again, which is a small but not totally insignificant joy as i go through 2020

got it 💪 🔧 it's 100% good again, awoo (wolf howl)

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I put it back: now 50% of it plays nothing, in a loopy way: working-working-nada-nada-working-working-nada-nada-...

I think I know why but it is half a million corky bolts to unwind 😩

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how much fish could a fast fish fish should a fast fish fish fish

I’m now sitting in a room at uni to which things go in from 1984 and don’t go out

tfw a guy with a biblical alias skips an ok yt bit about a famous oulipo book, with passion 

avid david avoids a valid a void vid

food, aph, 4/4 

ft. not-an-animal-schnitzl

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