I got a good pal visiting which is grand, but my consumption dial is going off charts (which is not)

looking forward to my brain coming back from hiatus

this is just to say
a snail
is consuming
your plums
on mount fuji
this autumn morning

folks start asking and don't stop asking

with my not-so-past pals it's usually a uni-vs-industry-athon.

my plus-past pals? no thanks

forgot about a full cup of brownstuff, without sipping at all

bonf boosts

gotta sit all day long on my ass (I won't sit all day long on)

today was cycling day, now back indoors until january

no spicin is a harm I do not wish upon my worst rivals

I must admit I’m not strong at US foodstuffs. I wish to fix that mishap

nlp automaton knows no fun 

Doctor, you must assist. I don’t know what to do: I can’t laugh or think happy thoughts. Worst of all, I can’t do any good writing (cw contains glyph)

who's shouting "do what I know you can't"?
do what you know I can't my ass (I won't do what you know I can't, coward)

banalipo; food opinion 

saturday plans, food 



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