would watch oulipos who broadcast toot composition on a twitch (or similar) thing

I'm curious as to how y'all go about it

@bonf flow of any word what's coming to mind. that's why my toots always start in 1 location & surprisingly jump south into a shallow lagoon full of carp, watch out for sharks!!!! & piranhas

@starlit @bonf i usually start with a profound thought of philosophical sophistication, and find that it is too hard to say, so I panic and shout POOPY!

@ranjit @starlit @bonf [holds forth poopy baby] go on, grab my job, immigrant. no, I insist

@ranjit @starlit @bonf don't start acting pissy, [points at baby] that's his job

@phooky @starlit @bonf As our most high font of wisdom, Sophisticus, would say: POOPY!

@phooky @starlit @bonf liking this thought of your two sons dividing this important work. "My job: poopy! His job: p-p!"

@phooky @starlit @bonf division of labor is a foundation of industrial capitalism

@ranjit @phooky @bonf this convo quickly got to that point of Too Much. i look back upon my poor choosing of options as i did that toot

@ranjit @phooky @bonf i did find that thought of capitalism built upon shitty foundations particularly good

@ranjit @starlit @bonf I forgot all my non-ouliporous vocabulary long ago, and as my buddy Ludwig W. says, a boundary of my lingo is a boundary of my world - so in my mind, posting on oulipo is just *posting* (and thus, boring to watch)

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Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0