Writing down thoughts for art bots for oulipo.social...

I'm working on a thing. Fixing ABOUT.md is within possibility, but how can COPYING.md hold lipogrammatic words that allow public individuals to copy our work?

the wonderful witches of witches.town have introduced me to the glyph ꙮ

it is "multiocular O", a variant of Cyrillic O that is used in certain religious texts in a phrase that translates to "many-eyed seraphim" and basically nowhere else

I honestly am having a hard time thinking of a single witchier Unicode character unless the Leviathan cross is hidden somewhere in the codeplanes

Anyway, work calls! I'm in Australia, btw. So GMT+10 if you want to chat about lipogrammatizing Ruby and JavaScript this thing sits on.

@mus Also, do away with chronology words that point to how long ago a toot was born.

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My soul now thinks of past occasions. On IRC you could play by using only monosyllabic words.

Short word talk with no bad glyph is much too hard, but it can still go on if you don't mind... no nicks for a lot of things.

So many Mastodon accounts, and I'm only using my oulipo.social login.

Add to your community, folks! Pull it, don't just follow!

@mus Also, possibly adding JS so a known bad glyph/invalid symbol is found as-you-go, not upon clicking on "TOOT!" post-writing a lot.

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I might start using vim. Can't talk about my word writing tool if I stay on what I work with now.

This is not good.

Hi, @mus,

Thanks for kicking off oulipo.social

A thought I just got: oulipo.social disallows a known bad glyph, hurrah! It could also...
- add shortlinks so non-oulipo links can show up without bad glyphs,
- broadcast a common glossary of computing stuff words without bad glyphs

I don't know Ruby but I can aid a bit with JS and sundry sysadminning.

I got a nick now. Not as it shows up on my passport, but Oulipo wants this particular glyph out of sight...

So I cut it out. Right thing to do.

"can_day_rah" sounds out a Spanish pronunciation of how my family says it, and that's good too!

Oulipo.social (Mark II)

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