@mlc @bonf i am not impartial about it but i think this book of rhyming balladry using various glyph tricks (including this spot's constraint and also distinct constraints) is a good book :)


unpopular opinion: this is an arbys

original urbanist goofs for folks who think about transit

It's Walt Whitman's 200th birthday this annum so I did a Valid Whitman Parts bot: @waltwhitman

Nothing can contain Walt Whitman!

doing a v v old school firing of a handful of lil clay pinch pots i built, adding wood 'til it's a big mound of coals. i'm hoping it works but i also know it might not (it probably won't work!)

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Oulipo.social (Mark II)

Oulipo.social is a lipogrammatic Mastodon for all.
Ambigram by B. Morin, CC BY-SA 4.0