Nick: catmow
Also: Sam
Pronouns: it
(I'm not a woman, lady, girl,...)

What I'm doing all day long:
- playing farming simulators
- surfing through this global graph
- loving cats, kitty, dogs in all forms and moons
- living in a tiny flat

Good that I found this mastodon community 😊 😼 πŸ™

I must say, this first toot was hard to do, (four minus two's half) tryings 😭

I will toot and toot until it's going without my brain thinking too much about it. ✊

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@catmow hi, also-non-binary! Join for wordplay, stay for snails, haiku, , and so on

@nv that's good 😊 it can turn out artsy but I'm into that πŸ˜„

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