Playing bananagrams with our kids (offspring and offspring's husband). My darling asks, is "USA" okay? Group did allow, but today only.

So good, forward work on various programming things today. Starting to grok DynamoDB a bit :-)

And it's just a box of rain... or a ribbon for your hair... Such a long long wait-unit to not hang, and a short wait-unit to stay.

(Sorry, Mr. Garcia)

chris_st boosts

So, do I push our vacuum around our condo or pull it? Both, naturally.

Final half of program-writing-folks con is past. Gmail has an API! Look out, airship day finding-difficulty! Your days wind up!

First half of program-writing-folks con is past -- much good, and ran into an old pal! Many a good class.

Strongly unusual night-vision last night. Child (who I thought a boy, but in a bit caught on wasn't) was talking with I, and nicking my communicators. I had two (a black and a moonlight), and I think a third for work. Anyway, I would nab back, and in a bit this kid would filch again. Thinking of trying to modify this kid's story-arc by adoption... but I thought it a con job. Sigh. (I own only a unitary communicator).

Took in "Kusanagi and Batou" film [Ghost in a thin casing], original. Outstanding as my mind-journal had it. A lot of gravitas that I'd forgot. A lot of boobs, too.

Oh, and for all who want to know of my um... shall I say, work, with DynamoDB... I won a round! (I know this group of folks who wish to know is void, but still).

Took my amour to National airport, off to visit scions and sub-scions. GPS ran my way through DC... wat? Avoiding a multi-car awful situation, possibly?

"Why is your cat so damp and sad?
I do not know, go ask your dad."

My actual, off-my-cuff saying... I had thrown a pan of liquid out our window, high up from our cat's walking spot.

chris_st boosts

Avocado on our (spicy Indian) soup, avocado in our (boring, straight out of its tub) salad -- yum. That is all.

Hmmm... my dynamodb is not optimally laid out. But it holds 5100 data-points... argv... what to do... daily data is good, how to pull multi-day in unitary (or small, anyway) asks? Puzzling...

My woman put today's bra down cup-in-cup, so half was hid... mon-knock-ular?

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