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young oulipop @cm

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl) #drilipo #politipo

@kit I'm fond of "Classic Ghost." It's an old standby but it's always a big hit. If you go to a party, cut a mouth slit for your crazy straw.

Sad I am missing STL's "odd loop" programming conf today. Word is Oulipal @aparrish just did a sick talk on word math transforms.

know this, trolls: I honor our flag incognito in my carport 12 hrs a day, maxing out its patriotism a crazy amount #drilipo

@zyabin101 totally...I can put it in public domain if you want.

@zyabin101 You got it! I just put in a doc similar to MIT for you.

I am now a totally unironic fan of both Black Sabbath and pumping iron, Oulipals.

On this calm, rainy Sunday morning, I'm cranking "War Pigs" and blasting my quads with 5RM squats.

(I stood in its path of totality amid cowboys and honky-tonks)

I did go watch that historic solar occlusion in Music City, TN. What a dramatic sight!

I wish I could say I was working on a brilliant magnum opus, but I was actually mostly playing round upon round of Splatoon 2.

All caught up. I was worrying about falling out of sync with cool fads, fashions, and posting traditions, but looks flagfucking is still #1. I 💖 all of you so much.

Hang on, a million stars incoming for your Q2/Q3 2017 toots...

I took a months-long sabbatical, but I'm back on that toot grind, Oulipals.