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young oulipop @cm

This is what I did with all this StackGAN stuff: A birdspot bot that's all about blackbirds.

@bnwlfsn It's training is only on looks-traits. But it will try and turn anything into a bird!

For now, if you want a bird, @ back its traits and I'll post it for you!

Putting this into a www app is tough, but I'll try!

I did it, Oulipals! It was a yak trim, but I got StackGAN running to think up imaginary birds. This is a valid bird for

@ranjit "Imaginary Birds-As-An-API"

@ranjit Ha, I don't know of anything, so I'm working on that right now!

This StackGAN brain matrix is so cool:

Supply words about a bird, and it thinks up a photo!

My first actual, automatic Glitch bot is up and running. You can fork it on Glitch and start your own! It's not lipogrammatic, but it's topical for this club: it plays tin-can communicator with dril toots.

On Glitch:!/drilophone

On Masto: @drilophone

Stand back, I'm trying out a fully-automatic luxury bot on Glitch! You'll spot photos of my buddy's dog.

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

A short clip that shows how to start up an instant-bot. This posts pics of my pal's dog:

Lots of work to do, but I think it's a good start!

@bnwlfsn @mlc (my thought with making it always 1min/tick is that your bot might want to look at its notifications a lot, so it can @ back to its pals, but post only occasionally. IDK, still working on it 😸)

@mlc @bnwlfsn Ah, I should fix my docs on this. It always *runs* at 1min/tick (cf. This param ( is just for posts—if it's "5 mins," it won't post a toot until its last post is 5 mins old (by looking at its last post's chrono-stamp). It's too confusing, I think!