I did it, Oulipals! It was a yak trim, but I got StackGAN running to think up imaginary birds. This is a valid bird for oulipo.social:


This StackGAN brain matrix is so cool: github.com/hanzhanggit/StackGA

Supply words about a bird, and it thinks up a photo!


I built a toy app for displaying food LCA data at Brooklyn's NASA hack day!


Shipping a cool thing at work today: a tool that can look up your political officials and post @'s on birdspot. Turns out, this is hard to do! I ran into lots of "untruths about politics in programming" with this.


Found a kickass math/programming bookshop (Ada's). This visual printing of famous math proofs is way cool.

I am akin to that dog-in-a-lab photo right now: don't know what I'm doing. oulipo.social/media/PMk7R44QMW

Built a miniruby with 'yass' as its word for truth! Syntax is OK, but it won't run.

(Pardon my bad symbols, programming is a dirty job)


This is @ranjit's curious music apparatus—small mics and tiny motors that tap against wood with varying tonality and rhythm. Loops, rolls, and swirls of sound, plus saxophony.

oulipo.social/media/12nUzEocoY oulipo.social/media/86FlUpFBrw oulipo.social/media/wvTjfkhrC2

I saw this post on Y-Combinator's notorious startup discussion board. Ahoy to all HN folks — holla back if you want to chat about draining blood from young donors for immortality!


Congratulations, Oulipals! Our club's tootist count is now that funny cannabis quantity.


"Put. . Down."

" is for closing guys only."

"You think I'm fucking with you? I am not fucking with you. I'm from downtown. I'm from Mitch and Murray. And I'm on a mission of pity."


I walk by this sign most mornings, and I always think about this man: so butthurt by bad parking that his solution was to buy and install six-plus custom signs from Smart Sign Dot Com.

"Hon, call my sign guys...I'm towing a violator!"


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