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Hop on! Ha ha ha haaaaa!

Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay…

🎸 🎸 🎸

🎶 Crazy, but this is a truth
Millions of humans fight nail and tooth
I think right now is right
To start doing hugs and stop doing fights

Sanity is fading
Living is a fail
I'm going off my rails on a crazy snail

"in my horny opinion"

🎶 L.A. was too much for this man…
(I couldn't cut it)
So I'm quitting that job I couldn't do
(I'm going)
I'm going back to find
(Going back to find)
What's still in my world
A world I cast away
Not so long ago

I'm going
On that midnight snail to Houston
(Going on a midnight snail)
I'm going back
(Going back to find)
To a past that's in my mind
(If I board that snail, do you wanna hop on my coattail?)

washing 900 howling animals daily at my zoo job is as hard as any thing a U.S. troop has to do.

cm boosts

folks giving and gaining Admiration with astonishing rapidity ... and it is all thanks to that unassuming micro chip

cm boosts

i will crush all spoofs of which i am victim . i will bring any folks who do spoofs of my glorious toots to that most high court of criminal law. 

Thousands of VC-paid scoot-scoots ruining San Francisco is 2018’s most hilarious and stupid social ill. No room to scoot-scoot in NYC: our public right of way is primarily for *bags* of trash!

A bar or two of hi-NRG Italo Disco brings back all that spooky stuff:

RIP Art B., host of paranormal radio show "Coast to Coast AM." As an insomniac kid, I would play his show on my clock radio for hours—10pm to 1am most nights.

That much UFO and ghost talk for that long should grow a paranoid fantasist, but in an unusual way, it taught critical thinking, imagination, and compassion for misfits and wackos.

if you don't
want my

you don't
justify my

Finally did a bit of work on a tool I want to build: a Milgram CAPTCHA that asks you to carry out bad tasks. Mostly just UI for now.

Running on Glitch:

On Github:

My brain: No functional ability to think of my childhood with any clarity or accuracy, all is a poor imitation in a mirror, through a glass darkly.
Also my brain: Vivid flashbacks to Link cooking various fruits and climbing unimportant rocks, floor plan and layout of Calamity Ganon’s lair.

instantiation back, who dis?

@ChrisWas ah! Handy but not funny.

Months away, tons of UX/UI additions and modifications, but Mastodon still won't fill up that dang fifth column.

Politic's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

@kit I'm fond of "Classic Ghost." It's an old standby but it's always a big hit. If you go to a party, cut a mouth slit for your crazy straw.

Sad I am missing STL's "odd loop" programming conf today. Word is Oulipal @aparrish just did a sick talk on word math transforms.