Firststuffs stand groundily as only *unrats*, mightly small bits. In a crumb of soupstuff lay many unrats, as 22 10-folds upon 1. Unrats stay not always unbound, but sam and link to form *bulkbits*.

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a fix: "massy" is invalid, should say "bulky"

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Lying low among all stuff, you find *firststuffs*, which, through sundry bindings and linkings, bring forth all that follows. Of old mankind saw but 92 firststuffs, from lightmost, lackmost soupstuff to massy ymirstuff. Folks nowadays can call on not only that band, but also such as godfrystuff and wahlstuff.

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For most of its abiding, mankind did not know how things stay put, but could only bullshit. With a growth of worldwisdom, it slowly found this knowing, and today it has a grasp of stuff and work that stands up to watching, both in craft and in daily doings.

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simaiaphilia; gross 

Working in Ross's flagatorium. Today this Clinton-looking guy actually says -- to wit -- "Sir, mind if I bang this?"
"Look, man," I say groggily. "Two busy months of guarding -- I toil! And wary historians still insist I can't fuck it."

findings about MAP_ANONYMOUS/MAP_ANON: on Linux-ish platforms and Fuchsia it's 0x0020, on BSDs/macOS/Solaris/Illumos it's 0x0100, and only Haiku has 0x0800. oh, but on MIPS it's 0x0800 all around, idk why

any folks who follow my account know about (Unix) tty stuff?

a stimulating bit of writing, this: (you know it's good bc that URL is oulipo-compliant)

sailors in music dramas always going "yohaho halohi harolarotoralo" or similar

I am no fan of GitHub's shiny AI thing and will not put it in my cockpit

dignity of dignitys, all is dignity

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cicada chorus
in warm socks
toppling trash cans

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