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cicada chorus
in warm socks
toppling trash cans

Dasgupta, Papadimitriou, and Vazirani's book about algorithms is lots of fun

Col boosts
Col boosts

today is a good day: I can finally say `<const N: u32>` in my Rust programs without switching to a β or 🌉 toolchain :D

(it's funny that you can tap out '' with your right-hand digits only)

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again, I'm a fan of Haitink's rhythm in this clip, last 1/6th or so in particular

@rjl20's post involving alt violin tuning brought this composition to mind; solo violin part calls for A-Mi-B-F#: (wish I could shout out that guy playing said solo, but his string is full of bad glyphs)

it turns out that `+` wins in a binding-might fight against `<<`

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(I'm ridding my uncoding program of bugs. Not so fun -- canonical program that I must match is a tangly mound of archaic C++...)

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Was watching a silly TV plot (starring Buffy who grows up in California and foils unholy spawn): grown-ups all snack on cocoa bars that summon youth again, in spirit only. Wacky acting by that Brit who plays a normally curt librarian, R.G.

Thomas Hampson pulls off Gustav M.'s "RIP To My Kids" songs admirably in this short film:

Hi! Gratis dictionary says Anglo-Saxons had this nick (without fifth glyph, contra my own from birth). (Mark II)

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