in our words this is a "tight curl" position

tonight was a dog's bath night. it did not find favor with this hound.

also: though RI is far away, that big storm is causing a lot of rain

back from portland (north of pvd), having a soft night

oulipo folks: is boosting toots containing taboo glyphs:

- ok
- ok if uncommon
- should avoid but ok
- not ok, do not do this

got my hacking task working last night, but i am just noticing i call it by a non-compliant alias

right now i'm coping with a lack of vim and vigor. i might drink that brown stuff to fix it.

mild insomnia right now, but at this hour it's not such a thing

about to go unconscious. looking forward to an additional day off.

bird bird bird
bird is a word
bird bird bird
bird is a word
bird bird bird
bird is a word
all folks know that a bird is a word


(so i took $274 worth of goods from work)

looking forward to playing an rpg tonight. a soothing contrast to stuff occurring in fp world

i was going to talk about xapunks on oulipo but didn't want to alias it constantly

finished exapunks.

feel like i should be talking to you all over chatsubo right now.

i really like a little honey in black tea but i'm trying to cut back on how often i sweeten tea.

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