hi again oulipo pals!

sorry i was away for so long.

thinking you must roll on such a chart isn't good but having an option to do so is

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in support of rpgs that contain tons of charts to roll on

(still hoping to publish an rpg diy book thing in a bit -- in addition to all my billion alt plans)

had a good night doing rpg (troika) with pals using tcp/ip. it was our 2nd go at this.

long car trip (14 hours or driving on sunday) is finally past. got back last night, looking forward to staying put for a bit.

possibly this is from watching political tv last night? lack of h2o? idk

starting a day with brain pain: not amazing 😵

rhodium, platinum, gold, palladium, iridium, osmium, indium, gallium, bismuth: oulipo-compliant costly alloys

visiting a US location up north (known by a taboo alias). it's rainy but fun!

apropos of nothing -- bicycling is sort of hard to talk about on oulipo

still conscious -- should not stay that way but what can you do?

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