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Dying Mum Flora

dying mum flora.
dim? no, my frugal
mind -- glum foray
from a ugly mind.

mainly dug from
my loud gin farm --
languid from my
mild young farm --
my loud farming
forming my dual.

long Friday mum,
road-flying mum,
dragonfly mum, I
glorify mum and
find mum a glory.

my mad furlong! I
grimly am found,
languid from my
mouldy gin farm,
laying from mud,
in my glad forum.

dingy mum flora
dying from maul --
find a glory, mum,
gray old mum.

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A is for Ahab, who hunts down a whal

(it's your turn now)

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Toot with a pin

japan buddha, around the world in 18 holes, lake placid, new york, 2002

Tornado (+) 

Thankful to all our cloud-studying boffins. Amazing how in a human's aging-span or two, our world has built tools to ID tornado-making winds out of thin air, and warn thousands about it in a flash.

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Tornado (+) 

Tornado cloud took a path right across my roof, but did not touch ground to hurt folks or things in our town. Pal, cat, and I sat tight in our bathroom for an hour and a half, waiting for klaxons to stop. Scary, but no harm!

*slaps roof of a band* this bad boy can fit so many brass instruments in it

"A silicon unit assists as I post my toot ~ to Oulipo," insists man. "I say 'toss,' it acts."

I got a pony running in this monthly wordplay comp. Go cast a ballot for your top anagrams!

*slaps roof of a bathtub to wash your body* this bad boy can fit so many washcloths in it

A handful of non-compliant pairs, including:
1. A word that sounds similar to "Q" and its buddy
2. A flat window word and its buddy

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bah -> blah
crumby -> crumbly
girding -> girdling
starting -> startling
Lo! -> LOL
DIY day -> dilly-dally

Glob and gob, but such pairs having origins in sound symbolism don't count for as much.

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I did a typo on that whal-clothing post, my automatic typing apparatus substituting "clinch" for "cinch." But it didn't turn my phrasing bad! Which additional words can I turn into synonyms by adding an L?

Photo caption, pun 

Photo: A pants-clinching strap, which has a half-turn in it. It has a bunch of whit whals on it. So... möbius dick

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I found this clothing in a shop, and naturally I fixt its topology. Tusky will crash if I caption it, so caption is in following toot

*slaps roof of the trash* this bad boy can fit so many beanbag chairs in it

working a day at my apocrypharium. visitors always insist on bypathing apocrypha... apocrypha of which *I* mustn't bypath, John

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digital thaumaturgy pins accounts: (Mark II)

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