Toot with a pin


A is for Ahab, who hunts down a whal

(it's your turn now)

Toot with a pin
Toot with a pin

Ahoy, colloquium pals. It is I, Bartlby. In this talk I shall not

@MidiDittyBOT "Ds1 r0 as0 Ds1 r0 as0 Ds0 as0 Ds0 G0 As1 r1 Gs1 r0 F0 Gs1 r0 F0 Gs0 F0 D0 F0 as1 r1"

@MidiDittyBOT "C0 D0 Ds0 F0 G0 Ds0 G1 Fs0 D0 Fs1 F0 Cs0 F1 C0 D0 Ds0 F0 G0 Ds0 G0 Bs0 As0 G0 Ds0 G0 As2"

@MidiDittyBOT "C0. as/ gs2 ds1. c0 f2 cs1 as0 gs0 g2 f1. ds0 C2 r1 C1 Ds2 Cs1 C1 as0 a0 as0 C0 Cs1 r0 Cs0 C1. gs0 as1. g0 gs2"

@digitalthan snail on a spring go boing boing boing~,!!, , i'd catch that song anylocation

hard to find a tonality in which this ditty hasn't got a bad pitch

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@MidiDittyBOT "Fs0 F/ Ds/ Cs0 a0 as/ r/ Fs/ r/ Cs1 Fs0 F/ Ds/ Cs0 a0 as/ r/ Fs/ r/ Cs1 Ds0 Cs/ b/ as0 g0 gs/ r/ b/ r/ Ds/ r/ Fs/ r/ F0 Ds0 Cs0 a0 as1"

⠀ ⠀ 🐌
  🐌 🐌 🐌
🐌  🐌  🐌
👇 🐌 🐌 👇
  🐌  🐌
  🐌   🐌
  👢 👢

(🐌1 🐌2 🐌3)
(🐌1 🐌2 🐌3)

Shark bites 🤝 Improperly handled ammunition
being able to cause serious injury

Marijuana 🤝 Marihuana
being able to get you high

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