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Dying Mum Flora

dying mum flora.
dim? no, my frugal
mind -- glum foray
from a ugly mind.

mainly dug from
my loud gin farm --
languid from my
mild young farm --
my loud farming
forming my dual.

long Friday mum,
road-flying mum,
dragonfly mum, I
glorify mum and
find mum a glory.

my mad furlong! I
grimly am found,
languid from my
mouldy gin farm,
laying from mud,
in my glad forum.

dingy mum flora
dying from maul --
find a glory, mum,
gray old mum.

Toot with a pin


A is for Ahab, who hunts down a whal

(it's your turn now)

Toot with a pin
Toot with a pin

Not as fancy as a fishy- or birdy- cam, but I just got my birthday pi running and it has a mastobot up!

(NB unsquar squar-dancing music, idiomatic of franco-canadian musicians!)

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