good morning ouliphants! How do you do this happy morning? what good will you do today in this big busy world?

I just found out I can Hush accounts on

So long, bots!

good day, ouliphants!

may you try not in vain to do good in our world today. lord knows it could stand an amount of good.

Good day, ouliphants!
What will you accomplish today? What good will you do?

Good day, ouliphants!

May you do good and not do bad.

And may that particular glyph not flow from your mind past your lips.

today's ouli thoughts: if many words can stand in for a singular thought, oulipo can occur. If not, ouiphants may wholly lack an abstraction, and not say what wants said. A wordy corpus out-oulipos a thin dictionary.

a schwa is similar to a fifth glyph what had a nasty spill

a spill of a glyph, what a card, what a pill (Mark II)

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