any honour or dishonour. Is this your doing?" "I

world, and what an awful thing if that man, that

told him {pg 169} from md sight=> from my sight {pg}184 Goldaming=> Godalming {pg 226} I I did not want to

Mina's is in shorthand, and I simply ask Mr. Hawkins to

must look out for squalls, for a strong man with homicidal and

said; "still at your books? Good! But you must not work always.

room and on his pillow a drop of blood. I said nothing, but

says that I afford him a curious psychological study, and I humbly think I do. I do not, as you know,

duty, no distrust. I must not wish you no pain, for that can

_Mina Murray's Journal._ _26 July._--I am anxious, and it

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