if any kin ask what to buy for our baby, I will only say "a Joy Division bodysuit"

I want to go back to writing programs for whimsy. I'm past pragmatism.

Is it bad form to snack in an obgyn waiting room?

This morning's run was a PR for my standard loop. I think it was Joy Division on my ipod that did it.

A big looming worry about my forthcoming child got fought off today by a cardiologist. Now I can calm down to a normal amount of first baby mania.

A cow trotting through Brooklyn, away from its lot, will find its way back to its doom.

As will all of us glancing at it run.

I pair my runs with albums of sad songs. this morning's soundtrack was by Mr. Smith, an LP I might call (in my day job) "xor".

took a sick day to download a mastodon app so hi I'm back

(it wasn't just a day of downloading... I also took a nap)

If only I had known how standoffish and aloof and just plain uncaring a particular programming community was going to turn out.

First solidly good day at my job in a bit. It's not that my work was without flaw today, but it was fun and a tad tough (which is how I want it).

My work is about voting. Thus, for my own sanity, I'm taking sick days until this administration is past.

Watch full trains pull in and out of my station until I can finally (and uncomfortably) slip into a subway car. "F train" is apt.

I wish I found anything as important as U2 finds U2.

A "junk" box to bring with us tomorrow. Foiling my plans for not having... just "stuff".

this "blam!" gif is now all that's said in my work's slack in all groups. work has ground to a halt. blam blam blam fills my monitor


My day was mostly improving a RabbitMQ library's ability to withstand instability. I'm hoping tomorrow brings stability, making that work moot.

How many work discussions about *how* to work must I sit through? Too many and I will combust, smoking ash in my chair my body, and my mind uniting with nothing.

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