For my work I'll just stick with GIMP, sufficing for my fairly basic things.

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With moving to a subscription pricing format, folks highlight FOSS drawing/illustration programs, primarily . Having not run it, I can't say much about its functions, but artists say good things about it.

I'm actually thinking about joining Krita's fund

In Tom Scott's vid "5 Things You Can't Do On British TV," Tom says that folks on YT allocating a good amount of funds or hours on vids should add captions.

You can find paid third-party captioning firms which big YT ppl. could probably afford. As Tom puts it (as an approximation), "'Oh, look, I bought a Lamborghini.' Buy a damn caption!"

Got into Solid jj's vids not too long ago

Mostly just humorous but a particular vid about an NFT from Annoying [Citrus Fruit] is fairly profound

Important to book flights far prior to taking off to maintain low costs. I put off booking for particular trips owing to financial doubts and it's now biting my bottom.

Sadly, is having complications blocking my GitHub "Pagination" from working

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Additional attack on accounts via functionality of QR scan to login: Upon joining a guild/community, phony "CAPTCHA bot" prompts to confirm you as human by providing a QR box to scan with app, which allows taking your account.

Only scan QR box for login from login prompt at, not on a diff. location or from a bot or unofficial account.

WWW's inability to sustain things that folks post (in particular pics, vids, and audio) brings much frustration. IA and its Wayback tool do much good but can only go so far.

Too long from my last post on this account! I wasn't anticipating so many months amid my posts.

This is such a particular combination of gags that will bring folks right back to this inauspicious point.

YT (Big G's vid-sharing platform) is privating old vids that you "unlist" if you don't opt out

Am now "fully vax'd" (according to CDC) against COVID-19. I know I'm amazingly lucky in USA for this. Global distribution of inoculations is crucial for stopping this virus.

I now hold an IA account. Going to start contributing random stuff I find.

Watching Gam[ing]Stop stock situation playing out is amusing.

Turns out Zoom actually runs on Linux in addition to Windows and Mac. But I'm still not a fan; I would run an audiovisual calling program that was FOSS as my first option or, if not that, using WWW standards.

Watching that '80s TV show about a band going by "Holograms". I first got curious about it back in 2015 as a film originating from that show was first shown and a lot of folks said it wasn't faithful to original. It was in Crimson N's film and TV library but not now. (Mark II)

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