This is such a particular combination of gags that will bring folks right back to this inauspicious point.

YT (Big G's vid-sharing platform) is privating old vids that you "unlist" if you don't opt out

Am now "fully vax'd" (according to CDC) against COVID-19. I know I'm amazingly lucky in USA for this. Global distribution of inoculations is crucial for stopping this virus.

I now hold an IA account. Going to start contributing random stuff I find.

Watching Gam[ing]Stop stock situation playing out is amusing.

Turns out Zoom actually runs on Linux in addition to Windows and Mac. But I'm still not a fan; I would run an audiovisual calling program that was FOSS as my first option or, if not that, using WWW standards.

Watching that '80s TV show about a band going by "Holograms". I first got curious about it back in 2015 as a film originating from that show was first shown and a lot of folks said it wasn't faithful to original. It was in Crimson N's film and TV library but not now. (Mark II)

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