Atop a pyramid of quality stands king of rhythm:

jam block says "donk donk donk"

It might slow it down, but growing frustration can't stop my fixating on untying this computing knot

Is a path to actual satisfaction just shutting up at most points? My brain is not happy about a plan akin to that, but I think I'd grow towards how I would want to anyway

Catching back up with an old buddy. I want to find my way back to trusting my body and mind, as many a good opportunity I miss out on out of an inability to trust

A blank canvas usually will fix things without much striving

Ghosts of trauma from past family and buds. Funny how it runs away as quick as it shows up and I find out it's around

A most fun thing about programming is comparing what I thought would occur with what did. It's a constant stimulus to my brain, *and* it's good for maintaining quality. Wish I could do this comparison-first programming all day on all days, but usually it's maximally banal

it's a day with no big bangs, and all moods go toward "just okay"

I'm a guy who just wants to fix things and think a lot.

Things that bring joy in my day-to-day:

* Solving programming bugs and making tools
* Baking grain flours with liquid, salt, and wild fungus
* Cats and plants
* Finding out about difficult topics and things I know nothing about

Fun constraints always show that I and my brain can stay dynamic, so I'm glad to find such a cool community! ✌️ (Mark II)

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